How To Play Pinochle: The Rules

Pinochle is a game that anybody who loves playing cards can enjoy. It can be a family affair for as long as everyone plays for fun, not money. In this article, you will be taught to play 2-team pinochle. To play this kind of pinochle, you must first know the following:

  • Deck. The deck refers to the 48-piece package of cards used in pinochle. You may use a deck of cards or two depending on the number of players on the table. Each deck consists of Kings, Queens, Jacks, Aces, Tens, and Nines. The highest card-bearing point is the Ace card while the lowest card-bearing point is the Nine card. The points vary from 1500 to 10 points.
  • Dealing. This is the part where the cards are distributed to all of the players. You can vote for someone to be the dealer of the deck of cards or you can simply assign this task to the person holding the deck of cards. The dealer shuffles the deck of cards and distributes the cards to all of the players. These cards must be facing down and evenly distributed to all following a clockwise direction. All the players must have their respective cards before turning the cards face up.
  • Bidding. The player that is located on the left of the dealer makes the first attempt to bid for a point based on the cards he is holding. The rest of the players do the same with the option of passing when he is uncertain that he can top the highest bid on the table. One player will win and has the privilege of naming the trump suit.
  • Calling for more cards. When a trump suit is called, four more cards are taken from the remaining deck. These cards are passed on to the winner of the trump suit. He then passes it on to his partner. These four cards are added to his suit. From this suit, four cards are slid across the table.
  • Melding. Once the cards are stacked and chosen, all of the players are required to show their hand by placing all of the cards on the table. A pinochle is called when a team of players have the following suit: A single pinochle has one each of a Jack of Diamonds and a Queen of Spades; a double pinochle has two each of Jack of Diamonds and Queen of Spades. Combined, these are worth 340 points. After a round of meld is played, all the teams must write their scores on a scoreboard before proceeding.
  • Tricks. The winning hand gets to play a trick, which can last up to twelve rounds. More cards are dealt until the one with the most number of winning cards on a suit ends up the winner. In this segment, you will be forced to play against your partner for points. More points are tallied up on the sheet.

Finally when the deck of cards on the table is exhausted, team players simply tally up the scoreboard and declare a winner! Keep in mind that pinochle is played using many variations. You can choose the one that you are familiar with so that you can enjoy the game.


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