How To Plug Screw Holes in Furniture

Wood furniture is beautiful and elegant. Sometimes, in the course of its construction, some screw holes are used in the furniture, especially for furniture pieces such as shelves and chairs. While the screws are there for added support, the holes can be quite unsightly. Screw holes can mar the clean lines of your furniture. The solution to this is to plug the screw holes. There are several options available for you to use. Here are some you can try out.

  • Determine the screw hole you want to plug. Get the piece of furniture you want to work on. Next, assess the piece so you can count how many screw holes you need to cover. Also, find out what type of wood the piece is made from. Take note of the color and finish of the wood. This will help you determine what material you can best use to cover the screw hole.
  • Purchase pre-made screw holes from the hardware store. One of the easiest things you can do to plug an exposed screw hole is to purchase pre-made screw hole covers. You can buy these in bulk for a very minimal amount of money. Screw plugs come in a number of sizes and wood finishes that can be used to match just about any wood surface. This is why you should have an idea on the wood finish used on your furniture so you can select the screw plug that will be the best match.
  • Use a fast cap. A fast cap is another item you can use to plug your screw hole. This is a small cover that is made from PVC material that is about 9/16” in diameter. It has a self-adhesive back so you simply need to remove the protective backing and position the fast cap directly over the screw hole to cover it. Voila! The fast cap will stick on the head of the screw and your formerly unsightly screw hole is now a thing of the past. A fast cap is sold in sheets of 53 caps each and it comes in a number of colors and wood finishes.
  • Use some wood putty. If you have some wood putty, you can use it to cover an exposed screw hole. You simply need to apply a little bit of the product directly over the screw hole until the head of the screw is no longer visible. Allow the product to dry. Another option is the use of wood stain to camouflage the wood putty and help it blend in with the woodwork.
  • Use a screw hole button. This is a small piece of wood with a curved top that is hammered directly over the hole that you want to plug. Determine the size of the hole and place the button over it. With a hammer, gently push it in the hole to cover the screw hole.

If you are assembling furniture yourself, many manufacturers include screw hole plugs and buttons in the kit so you can simply cover the holes yourself.

As you can see, plugging the screw hole is quite easy to do and doesn’t take a lot of time. As long as you have right materials and tools, you can cover that screw hole in no time.


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