How To Practice Buddhist Loving-Kindness Meditation

Meditation is a practice used by people all over the world to harness the power of peace and tranquility in their lives. By spending a few minutes per day on meditation, you can dramatically improve your outlook on life and how you perceive things. In Buddhist Loving-Kindness meditation, the technique is used to give and receive positive energy. This form of meditation is a self-help technique where through time you will become a person who is more kind, loving and compassionate to your loved ones and everyone that you meet. Below are some steps on how you can practice this method of meditation.

  • Prepare for the meditation. Before you begin, make sure that you clear your mind of any disturbing thoughts as well as troubling images. Your mind must be free from any anger or untoward emotion that can hinder your meditation. If you have a preferred area of meditation, such as a private room, go there. However, meditation can be done anywhere you desire as long as you can focus properly.
  • Meditate for yourself. Before you practice Buddhist Kindness-Loving Meditation on others, do it on yourself first. You must first learn to accept and love yourself before you can appreciate others. To begin, close your eyes and place yourself in a meditative state. With your eyes closed, imagine yourself in a state of happiness doing things that you love. Perceive an image of yourself surrounded by people that you love and who appreciate you in return, and nothing else will make you happier. Then, create a personal mantra that you can repeat saying to yourself during your meditation period. This mantra serves as a positive reinforcement during your meditation period that will instill what is said to your subconscious. After a few sessions (which takes days, even weeks), you may proceed to the practice of this meditation towards other people.
  • Meditate for other people. There are basically four types of people in your life that you can practice this type of meditation for. These are listed as follows: a mentor, a family member or a loved one, an acquaintance that you harbor some ill will with and finally, a person that is hostile towards you. Meditate on each one in the order they are listed whenever you are practicing this form of meditation. When you focus on each individual, think about the positive things that this person has given you or brought out from you. Never think of negative things especially when you have moved to meditating on a person that is hostile or angry with you.

The Buddhist Kindness-Loving meditation requires your utmost focus and attention whenever you practice the method. Remember to always use a mantra, even when you focus on other people, to give positive reinforcement to your meditation process. Make a personalized mantra for each person that you are focusing on so that they may feel the energy that you are giving out. Sooner or later, if everybody practices this type of meditation, there will be no more hostility and ill will within mankind. Good luck!


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