How To Practice Shamanism

An interest in practicing Shamanism should be approached carefully and strategically. Shamanism is considered a magical religion so to getting involved needs thorough preparedness. Many believe that one cannot be trained to become a Shaman. On the contrary, Shamanism is in-born or a calling. Pursuing the practice of Shamanism depends heavily on your beliefs.

  • Extensively research about Shamanism. Before you can practice Shamanism, take great care in getting to know this religion. You’ll find that there are books that address the matter. Shaman schools are also available to train prospective Shaman leaders. Some institutions even provide short-course workshops or retreats for the beginners looking to learn more about Shamanism. For cheaper alternatives, you can try hitting the bookstore or the library for materials on Shamanism. There are different types of Shamanism so it would be good to get to know these. Read about testimonials of converted Shamans to learn more about the experience.
  • Are you an ideal candidate for Shamanism? Some people say that you need to be born into Shamanism. This means that you have certain abilities such as a prophetic tongue, exceptional intuition or experience a near-death situation to be a candidate for Shamanism. To determine if you have any of these qualities, an online website,, can help you identify these.
  • Clear your schedule. If you are dead-set about learning Shamanism, be prepared to dedicate time to it. Choose a particular time in your life when you not only need the growth, but have the time and resources for it, too.
  • Begin with meditating. Shamanism is mostly a journey of the mind and its ability to communicate with spirits. Start by learning how to meditate, which is not a very easy thing in a world so full of hustle and bustle. Select and prepare a room that can offer you the most peace and quiet. Pick up books on meditating to learn best practices. As your communication with spirits increase, jot these down in a diary to keep track of your experiences. Journaling these events may help in furthering your ability in the future.
  • Deal with your demons. Shamans should not be controlled by their fears and their emotions. In your journey to become a Shaman, deal with past issues in your life by facing them head-on. Resolve each issue to the fullest so that you eliminate any roadblocks to pursue your dream of becoming a Shaman. Converting to Shamanism can be quite a challenge because while you are dealing with past demons, you also need to make a complete lifestyle change.
  • Embrace changes. In entering Shamanism, you will need to undergo a change in lifestyle. The way you treat living things and even non-living things, will figure into your life dramatically. You will need to learn how to respect yourself, which is important that you have resolved past issues. However, take these changes slowly to ensure that your transition is smooth and flawless.

It is important to be dedicated to your conversion. Before making the decision to convert, learn all that you can about the religion and put all of your efforts into it to experience significant improvement in the quality of your life.


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