How To Prepare for High School Finals

High school prepares you for your college life and teaches you the skills you’ll need to succeed in the world. It’s a difficult time for many people, because the academic lessons can be quite challenging.

One of the more trying times of high school is how to survive finals week. This is the culmination of all the lessons learned throughout the semester. A battery of tests on all subjects is given, and you must be prepared to handle all of it in order to make the grade. Ample preparation is key so you can focus on your tests and ace it with flying colors.

  • Pay attention throughout the semester. An exam is a test to check how well you have mastered a given subject and the concepts that have been taught. If you did not go to your classes, listen to the lectures, read the materials or study and take notes, you’ll have a very difficult time passing your finals. The key to a successful finals week is to learn the lessons throughout the semester and the school year. It’s impossible to learn the entire course material in one night.
  • Know the exam date and venue. Note down the dates of your exam so you can be prepared. This will help you prepare for the upcoming test. Study for the exams you will have first.
  • Devote more time to the areas where you need more help. If you are good in history but have some difficulty in math, spend a little more extra study on the subject that you are weak in. This will let you pull up your grades where you need it most.
  • Join a study group or get a tutor. A good study group can help you stay motivated. If you have weakness in a certain subject, your study group can help you since it’s sometimes easier to learn from a peer than from a teacher. Choose your study group carefully so you join one that is focused and intent on studying, rather than a group that uses the time to socialize and worry together.
  • Develop effective study skills. Learn how to manage your time properly and study effectively. Work with your strengths. Have discipline so you can prioritize your time. Stay focused on your academics so you’re not easily distracted by your extra curricular activities. If you treat your studies as important, you’ll devote the time necessary to make it a success.
  • Keep yourself in good physical health. Take your multivitamins to stay healthy. If you’re putting in late nights, take anti-oxidants. Lecithin supplements have also been shown to improve memory. This way, you’ll be in the best of health to take your exams.
  • Avoid emotional issues. Exam week is not the time to break up with your girlfriend or think about your parent’s divorce. Your priority is to do well in school. Channel all your energies into effective studying.
  • Do mental preparation. Give yourself a pep talk so you’ll have confidence and not let your fears get the better of you. Imagine yourself acing your exam. Accompany this with the right level of diligent studying.

On exam day, don’t cram or you’ll have a mental block. Go to school early and be on time for your exams. Bring your pen or pencil and leave your study materials behind. Focus on each question and develop a strategy so you have ample time to finish the exam in the allotted time. Final exams make up about 30 percent of your final grade. Do well throughout the semester so your life doesn’t hang on the balance come exam week.


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