How To Present Good News in a Business Memo

A memorandum, or a memo, is a document that accounts for changes, announcements, warnings and significant news for a company. A memo can be delivered personally, posted on a wall, or through company e-mail. Business memos are not limited to issuing new rules or for warning personnel regarding misconduct. Receiving good news through business memorandums can immediately brighten the day.

Learn how to present good news through a business memo. Whether the company just earned a multi-million project, or landed on a prestigious business citation, you need to deliver the news professionally.

Once you’ve learned about the good news, validate the story. The worst thing that could happen is for you to announce a rumor through a business memo. Check out the facts and directly ask the people involved in the news. There’s no need to spend time writing a memo only to retract the news a few days after.

Check out previous business memos issued by the company. Most companies adapt standard format for memos. You can refer to previous memorandums issued. Also, check on your company policy if everyone is authorized to issue a business memo. If not, then you can proceed with delivering the news by sending e-mail to everyone.

Once you have been authorized to write a business memo, then you can proceed by preparing a draft. Good news must be delivered with complete details. Ensure that you state in your memo the events that transpired. Your coworkers will enjoy reading the memo if you leave no hanging details.

Cite everyone who deserves to be credited. Do not miss anyone. If just one person achieved the feat, then cite only one person. If, however, a team or a group of people achieved it, cite them by their names or by their official team designation. Check out the correct spellings of the names through your Human Resource Department. Don’t make people feel bad by misspelling their names.

Do not include let any personal grudge reflect on your memorandum. If you have a rift with any of the people involved, this should not be an excuse to exclude him if he’s part of it. You cannot excuse yourself later on by saying you simply forgot. If the news is big enough to be announced, then set aside your personal feelings.

Ask your immediate superiors, if you have any, for their personal reactions for the good news. You can use this memo as a way for the higher ups to communicate with the employees. Seek their comments and include them in you memo. If there’s any celebration that follows the good news, then include the details in your memo.

Read through your memo and check if you missed out any detail. Revise if you think that it is necessary.

Check out on how to circulate your memo best. You can post it in the area where everyone will surely pass by, such as the entrance door, or the cafeteria. You can send the news through e-mail first thing in the morning so that everyone can read it and circulate the hard copy later on.


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