How To Preserve an Autograph on a Baseball

Baseball is one of America’s favorite sports. A game played by eighteen players- nine players per team, the goal is to score several innings by hitting the ball using the bat. There are four bases across the field that the players must touch in between hitting the ball and scoring.

Baseball can be played both by professionals and by amateurs. More and more schools offer baseball as an option for physical education classes or as a competitive sport among different levels. Interschool competition for baseball is also becoming popular.

  • For fanatics and collectors alike, having an autographed baseball feels like winning the game itself. Whether you are able to have a baseball signed by a professional player or your kid just won his first game and the players passed around the baseball to be signed, preserving the autograph is equally important.
  • If you are a great fan of baseball, you know the importance of preserving an autographed baseball. The value of an autographed baseball can appreciate over time depending on the success of the player’s career. If you are lucky enough to obtain such baseball, then keep it safe.
  • The major factors that cause a baseball to deteriorate are UV rays, dust and temperature. Harsh sunlight can affect the autograph overtime.
  • If you are just planning to have the baseball signed, make sure that you use a high quality pen to make the signature long lasting.
  • Once you have the signed baseball, keep it in a place where the sunlight will not shine directly into it. Collectors often have an enclosed cabinet for this purpose. If you wish to keep more than one collection clean and safe, then have one cabinet customized. Depending on your collection, the size can vary. The most common type of customized cabinet is encased using glass. This will allow you and your visitors to view your collection.
  • If you intend to position your cabinet in the living room or in any area where sunlight shines, have the glass covered with UV protective shield. Most hobby shops and hardware stores sell this type of protective shield. The UV protective shield is usually sold by feet or by roll. Cover the whole area with the shield to ensure protection.
  • The next thing that you need to check is the temperature and the humidity of the area where you intend to keep the baseball. Keep the temperature between sixty five to seventy degrees Fahrenheit and with about fifty percent humidity. You can purchase a small humidifier so that the area can be covered. Too much humidity can cause the baseball to sag and eventually loose its shape.
  • While your desire to brag about the signed baseball is understandable, you’re running the risk of putting in too much oil on the ball. Avoid touching the baseball as your skin’s natural oil can be passed into the ball. You can use gloves in handling the baseball, or you can also use your handkerchief to wrap it as you wait for your glass cabinet to be ready.

It’s important to regularly clean the cabinet so that dust will not accumulate. While you wipe the inner portion of the cabinet, keep your baseball safe by placing it in a clean container.


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