How To Preserve the Top Tier of Wedding Cake

The top tier of a wedding cake is traditionally preserved to be eaten by the couple on their first wedding anniversary. Sharing the cake with your spouse and remembering you wedding day is a great way to spend your first anniversary as a married couple. The top tier of the cake can be frozen so that you can still enjoy it a year later. There are cakes however that will not freeze well. If you want to keep a part of your wedding cake, plan ahead for this eventuality and take a look at some more ideas below on how to preserve the top tier of your wedding cake.

  • Make sure that you order a wedding cake, which will freeze well. Some of the cakes that will freeze very well are almond, hazelnut and chocolate cakes. White cakes, cakes with lots of fresh fruits and those filled with thick whipped cream. These types of cakes will become too dry before the first year anniversary comes.
  • Instruct the caterers and the servers that the top tier of the cake will be preserved so that they will not touch it. Make sure that you have asked the one who made the cake to prepare a storage box for the top tier. It has to be something that can be sealed tightly and fit the freezer compartment of your refrigerator if you are not going to buy a chest freezer.
  • Place the top tier of the wedding cake in the box reserved for it after the wedding reception is over. Assign someone to bring it home since you will be away on your honeymoon. As soon as the person arrives at home, the cake should be taken out of the box. Remove all the flowers and other items decorating the cake and chill the unadorned cake inside the refrigerator so that the icing will harden.
  • Wrap the cake in several layers of plastic wrap and make sure that the wrapping is all over, without pressing on any part of the cake. Place the cake in its airtight container and freeze. Label the container properly to avoid having someone take it out and check what is inside. You can also freeze the sugar flowers if you wish. Place them in a separate container with a tight lid and put it in the freezer.
  • Take out the frozen cake one day before your wedding anniversary and put it in the refrigerator to thaw. On your anniversary day, unwrap the cake and add the decorations that you also preserved and arrange them on your cake.

Take the time to discuss your plan to preserve the top tier of your wedding cake with your baker so he or she can give you some advice on what will work and what will not. You have to know that the frozen cake will still look good but there will be some staleness in it being in the freezer for so long. If you are after the memories and not the taste, then everything is fine. If you are worried about the taste, consider ordering a new cake that is an exact replica of the top tier of your wedding cake. Just make sure that you have taken a photograph of it before the cake is consumed.


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