How To Prevent a Phone Cord from Getting Twisted

Don’t you just hate it when your telephone cord gets knotted up, twisted and tangled? Sure, it may not seem like that big of a deal but it can still be an annoyance. Such a small problem has simple solutions however, and can be dealt with rather easily for as long as one knows what he is doing and keeps a cool head. Here is how to prevent a phone cord from getting twisted.

  • Prevention. The best way to prevent your phone cord from getting tangled is to always be aware of your position and habits when talking on the phone. Do you get up and walk around or pace? Do you like to stretch it out? Are you on the phone for long periods of time? Do you actually twist the cord around yourself? Try to be aware of your behavior the next time you are on the phone. This may seem a little too academic for something as mundane as using the telephone, but it will help. Also, if you do fail to take stock of your mannerisms and habits during the conversation, all you have to do is inspect the phone after you put the phone down and untangle when necessary.
  • Use a phone cord untangler. If you are looking for the most elegant of prevention solutions, you could always buy a phone cord untangler if you really want to not think about this sort of problem ever again. The contraption is small and easy-to-use and goes for ten dollars or less. It works with almost every telephone and will solve your problem for you with virtually no fuss at all. You can find these devices at your local hardware store or online here and here.
  • Go cordless. When in doubt, you can always go with a cordless phone. Sure, it might be a little more expensive but the beauty of it is that you do not have to worry about the cord becoming tangled, or being too short to let you take the phone with you elsewhere. Erase the worry by dropping the need for a cord altogether. Or, if that isn’t an option, you could always look for a phone with a shorter cord. Smaller lengths are less mobile, thus you are not as prone to moving around and fidgeting as you would be with a longer one.
  • The secret to untangling – The Trackback Maneuver. If you do find yourself with a tangled up phone cord, you can perform the Trackback Maneuver to detangle the cord and straighten it out again. Basically, what this entails is “tracking” or “tracing” back the “steps” of the tangles. Lift the phone and look for the knot nearest to the receiver. Now take the phone and “follow” the tangle, as if you were retracing a path. This should untangle the cord. Continue to do so for all the tangles until you have successfully reached the end of the cord. You should now have a straight line once again. Remember to avoid stretching the cord when doing this.

Preventing a phone cord from becoming twisted is not high on most people’s to-do list, but it’s a small thing that can sometimes turn into quite an annoyance and inconvenience. If you just want peace of mind, then follow the steps above to prevent your cords from ever getting knotted up again.


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