How To Prevent Computer Radiation

If you work with electronics and a lot of other electrical equipment, you may be concerned about your radiation exposure levels. Since everyone uses computers, cell phones and a whole plethora of other electronic gadgets, it’s more important than ever to protect yourself to minimize your exposure to harmful and unnecessary radiation.

Here are tips to help you stay healthy and prevent computer radiation.

  • Stay healthy. You need to keep your body strong and be in good health to be able to ward off any ill effects of radiation and other chemical exposure. Have a good diet and do things to ensure that you are in relative good health. If you have a strong immunity, then your body will be able to fight off disease and counter the harmful effects of technology on your body.
  • Use a monitor filter. If you work in front of a computer monitor all day, it’s advisable to use a screen filter. These inexpensive devices not only filter the glare emanating from your screen, but also help reduce your radiation exposure levels. A filter can be easily purchased at computer and office supply stores.
  • Take frequent breaks. Avoid sitting in front of your computer for extended periods of time. Not only do you expose yourself constantly to radiation, but you also set yourself up for neck, shoulder and back pain. Walk around, take breaks and do other activities that don’t involve sitting or working with a monitor. Watching TV doesn’t count as a radiation break.
  • Have a cactus plant on your desk. Plants can absorb radiation in the area, so have a potted cactus at your workstation. Plants also give off life giving oxygen and are pretty to look at.
  • Drink green tea and eat other anti-oxidant rich food. Antioxidants in your diet are your best bet to fight off the harmful effects of radiation on your body. Green tea is high in antioxidants. You can also eat oranges, lemons and other citrus food that is high in vitamins A, C and E. antioxidants fight off free radical damage on your cells so load up on it.
  • Wash your face. After you use a computer for a long time, go ahead and rinse your face. Doing so will literally wash off up to seventy percent of the radiation you have been exposed to. It will also refresh you, especially if you’ve been working and staring at the screen for a long time.
  • Use a new computer screen. The newer the better so you may want to upgrade to more eco-friendly screens. Newer models have better filter systems and have lower radiation emissions compared to older screen. Throw out your tube type monitor and say hello to your new flat screen!
  • Stay away from the back of the computer. The back of your computer is where most radiation is emitted, so stay away from it. Avoid walking behind a terminal.

Since it’s close to impossible to not work or have any contact with computers nowadays, the next best thing is to learn more so you can protect yourself. Be mindful of your radiation exposure not only from computers but also from your other electronic devices and household appliances.


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