How To Prevent Puffy Hair in Humid Weather

You have probably noticed that whenever humidity is high, your hair automatically turns to something totally undesirable.  Yes, humidity can be difficult to manage.  It can make your neatly combed and styled hair into something right out of a bad 80’s movie, puffed up and pointing in various directions.  The once straight head of hair is not thick and curly, a style that most people will definitely frown upon.  Now, since you really cannot control the weather, the only thing you can really do to combat this unwanted hair transformation is by trying on some of the proven tactics in hairstyling.  Some are practical while others may be a bit complex.  In any case, it will allow you to look great even when the humidity bites hard.  Here are some options.

  • Deal with it.  As mentioned earlier, you really can’t do anything about the humidity.  So, your only option would be to style your hair to work with the climate.  For instance, say your hair is naturally wavy or curly.  Obviously, as soon as the weather becomes humid, your hair will naturally puff up and curl even more.  Now this may be something that you really don’t want happening.  But, then again, you can actually make the humidity work for you.  Consider styling your hair in a way where the curls and waves are accentuated as part of your overall hairstyle theme.  Some stylists recommend adding layers to your hair with your natural curls topping the style off.  This way, the puff and extreme curls will definitely work with your hairstyle.
  • Grow your hair.  Now, if your hair is straight and you want to maintain its straightness as well as its flatness during the humid seasons, then you may want to grow your hair down to length.  The longer your hair is, the heavier it will be.  Hence, if you have long hair, it will naturally weight down the rest of your hair thus, maintaining the flatness and straightness.
  • Apply humidity-proof products.  Many of the commercial brands in hair products, the ones producing shampoos, conditioners, and styling sprays, have seen the need to combat the effects of humidity on the hair.  This is why many of the brands you see sold at your local beauty supply store have an anti-frizz feature.  This means that the particular product can help your hair weather the humidity.  Most of these are really effective so it should be worth your while to consider these products as an option.
  • Pull your hair back.  Another practical solution that you can easily do to keep your hair in check and totally flat in spite of the humidity is by pulling your hair back and tying it into a ponytail.  This hairstyle naturally straightens your hair. Hence, it will not be afforded the option of puffing up.  This is probably the simplest thing you can do.  However, do note that you may have to touch up your ponytail once in awhile as some strands may wander off.   

There you go, simple ways to combat the humidity.  Hopefully, these tips can help you in maintaining a decent hairstyle as you go on along your daily routines.


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