How To Prevent Weeds in Stone Pathways

Having a stone pathway is a great and casual look to have in your home. It is very easy to build and can definitely add beauty to your garden. But one common problem that you might come across with when you have a stone pathway is the weeds growing on them after some time.

These weeds love growing on these stone pathways and it often happens during summer or spring. When this season comes around, you’ll be surprised with how much and how these weeds could grow. And when they do, it will definitely take up your time and effort to clean these up. That is why before you start putting a stone pathway in your garden you must know how to prevent these weeds from growing for your stone pathway to always look neat.

You’ll only need a few simple things to prevent weeds from growing on your pathway. You’ll need a lot of newspapers, some weed blocking mat, and some grass and weed killer or sugar.

  • Spray grass and weed killer on the ground. Before placing the stones for your pathway, spray the area with the grass and weed killer. Be careful when using this grass and weed killer, especially if you have kids and pets at home because this can be toxic. Usually, there is a 24 hour waiting period before you can allow your kids and pets to use the stone pathway to make sure that it is safe. If you want a more natural weed killer, pour sugar on the ground to prevent weeds from growing.
  • Line the pathway with the weed blocking mat. After spraying the weed killer on the ground, line the ground with some weed blocking mat. This is a woven mat that can be bought in any local garden shop or hobby shop. This will prevent the weeds from growing up through your stones for a couple of years.
  • Place an inch or two of newspapers on the weed blocking mat. Once you have line the pathway with the weed blocking mat, you can put about two inches of newspapers on top of it. This will also block the weeds from growing on your stone pathways for a couple of years. After placing the newspapers, you can now place the stones for your pathway.
  • Spray weed killer on the stone pathway before summer or spring season begins. This will help in killing the roots of the weeds that could have grown during the wet season. Spray a good amount of weed killer on the walkway to make sure that it kills all the weeds’ roots. Again, do not allow your kids and pets to play around the area when you spray your weed killer. If you see any weeds starting to grow pour some sugar on it for its roots to rot. This will kill the weeds after a few days, preventing it from growing on your pathway.

Stone pathways can be very beautiful especially if there are no weeds growing on them. That is why if you want to keep your stone pathway weed-free then make sure to follow each step carefully to prevent those weeds from growing on your stone pathway.


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