How To Price a Backyard Deck

Residents always take into consideration the price of a deck before building it. You may want to have your own deck for your backyard, but before materializing your concepts and ideas altogether, one thing that may hinder your desire to build a backyard deck is the cost. Before you go ahead on having your backyard deck built, it is just the right thing to know how to price a backyard deck.

  • Measure your proposed backyard deck. It would be best for you to be able to measure the proposed backyard deck in your mind. Do not simply rely on your thoughts. For you to get the right measurements, you have to personally tender to the measuring of the ground where the deck shall be put up. Before measuring, you can use strings and stakes in order to get the right perimeter of the area. Measure the sides of every string and summarize the measurements on a piece of graphing paper with the estimated scale of the deck area.
  • Identify the needs for foundation. The foundation is something that you must not forget about your backyard deck. Without the right foundation, you cannot just let your deck appear right before your eyes. It is not difficult to deal with identifying the needs for foundation. Basically, a concrete pier is needed for every corner of the deck. If you have a rectangular deck, then that would be four concrete piers. Apart from the corners, consider a concrete pier for every 10 feet within the area of the deck and its sides. It is essential to get the right quantity of piers necessary for the foundation.
  • Consider the end joists and the double-rim. You can do this by means of taking the measurement of the length of every side of the planned backyard deck as well as the total perimeter. The 1 X 6 facing boards is this number, and twice this is the number of 2 X 6 facing boards. Always take note of these calculations.
  • Consider the interior joists. The previously taken dimensions of the backyard deck are still helpful here. Know how every interior joists you want to be apart from the center of the deck, say, 15 inches. This interior joists will run sandwiched by the rim joists. Twice the number of joists is the number of joist hangars that will be necessary.
  • Measure the total surface area. Get the square feet measurement of the total surface area of the planned backyard deck. This must be divided by the actual width of the 2 X 4 you will be using in feet. That would approximately be 0.29. The result is the estimates number of board feet lumber with 2 x 4 measurements essential for the deck.

Aside from the surface and foundation, you may also reflect on having additional features for you deck. But then again, more than this, you can bring your list of necessary materials to any home improvement or lumber yard store where the items can be priced accordingly. Once you know the price, you can think about having your backyard deck for your dream home.


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