How To Print an Airline Ticket

What was once reserved as a glamorous activity for the rich and famous has now become a commonplace occurrence, which is now even considered somewhat of a hassle. We are talking about flying – whether for a vacation, a business trip, or even for as part of a regular commute, riding an airplane has become from an experience of a lifetime, to simply a way of getting where you need to be.

Airports have become congested, and even the very first step of your trip – which is buying of your ticket – has become somewhat of a nuisance. Luckily, this first step can already be done in the comforts of your home due to the internet. Here are tips for buying and printing an airline ticket.

  • Choose your airline. Different airlines cater to different clientele. Some want to ride in luxurious jets to feel comfortable and pampered the entire trip, while others look for the cheapest tickets so they can save money on the airplane ride and splurge on the destination instead. If the trip is short, then buying a ticket from a bargain airline may not make that much of a difference in your comfort. If the trip is an international one, with your trip being hours long, then choosing a more expensive airline with wider seats and legroom may be worth the extra payment.
  • See if the airline you have chosen has a website. If it does, also check if it offers online ticketing services. Most airlines offer seat reservations and electronic tickets in their website. The prices of the tickets and availability of flights at specific dates and times are also indicated in the websites.
  • Choose your flight. Simply enter your name, other required personal details, the flight you wish to board, and other personal requests and specifications. After that, you pay through a credit or debit card, or PayPal, if accepted. After payment and confirmation, an e-ticket will be issued by the airline.
  • Save your e-ticket. An e-ticket is a digital record that exists in the airline’s computers. The e-ticket represents your purchase of the airline ticket, in place of the old, multi-layered stack of different paper tickets that used to be issued before. Recently, these e-tickets have become mandatory for IATA members. Your e-ticket will be sent to your e-mail address, or appear at a pop-up in the airline’s website. Save a copy of this e-ticket.
  • Print your e-ticket. Although meant as a paperless transaction, you still need a copy of your e-ticket on paper to get your boarding pass, as some airlines require you to bring a printout of the e-ticket. Some airlines offer the option of printing out the boarding pass itself. Simply enter your confirmation code, then look for a button or tab that states “print boarding pass” or “check in,” and use your regular home or office printer.

Don’t forget to bring the boarding pass to the airport. Due to the fact that your printout consists of around one page and is printed on regular paper, it is easier to misplace or forget it than the old official cardboard tickets. Make sure that you bring your e-ticket with you, so that you won’t have to go through the hassle of rebooking your flight.


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