How To Print on Grosgrain Ribbon

Pre-printed grosgrain ribbons are popularly used in weddings, parties and other events to add a personal touch to gifts and favors. You print on grosgrain ribbon yourself using an inkjet printer, transfer paper, iron and grosgrain ribbons. Here is what you need to do.

  • Gather your materials. You need grosgrain ribbon that is between ¾” to 1” in width. Choose a light colored grosgrain ribbon for printing. Grosgrain ribbons are available in fabric stores, craft stores and online shops. Buy what you need for the project plus a little extra in case you make a mistake or for running the initial iron tests. You also need inkjet transfer paper which you can buy from office supplies stores, some computer shops and online. Make sure you have enough colored ink in your inkjet printer. You will also need your household iron, an ironing board, and scissors for cutting the ribbons.
  • Wash the ribbon. This is an optional step, which you can skip. Washing the grosgrain ribbon will ensure that the ink adheres well. You will need to pull the grosgrain ribbon from the spool, swish it in soapy water, rinse it in clean water then hang it to dry. Once the grosgrain ribbon is dry, iron it out to make it flat.
  • Create the text. A word processing software is needed to create the words or texts that will be printed on the grosgrain ribbon. Type the text. Choose the font and change the size and style of the text to fit the ribbon. You can also change the color of the text depending on how you want the text to appear on the grosgrain ribbon. Save the text you created so you can use it again later on.
  • Do a test print. Before you do a final print, you will need to run a test print. Print the text on a clean sheet of paper. Cut out the text in a strip. Place the strip of text on top of the grosgrain ribbon to see if it fits. Change the size if it does not and repeat this process until you have the right size text.
  • Replicate the text. Once you have the right size, replicate the text as many times as you need to. Make sure that there is a space between lines of texts for cutting.
  • Create a mirror image then print. Once the page is full, you can now print the text. But, you don’t just print as is. You need to look for the option that will allow you to print a mirror image of the text. The mirror image is what you need transferred onto the grosgrain ribbon so it appears the correct way when ironed on. Once you find the mirror image printing option, make sure it is selected then print the text.
  • Cut the text into strips. Use a pair of scissors to cut the lines of text intro equal strips.
  • Iron on the text. Heat your iron according to the temperature setting indicated in the inkjet transfer paper. Lay the cut strips on the grosgrain ribbon. Make sure to leave spaces if necessary. Iron one strip first to test. If it turns out great, continue ironing the rest. Otherwise, adjust the strip before continuing with the others. Now you have pre-printed grosgrain ribbons.

Printing on grosgrain ribbon is easy and simple to do! Have fun using different colors of grosgrain ribbons. Experiment with text sizes and fonts. Your ribbons will definitely stand out whenever you use them!


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