How To Print Transparencies on HP Printers

Transparencies are used for visual presentations. Together with the overhead projector and a screen (or a blank white wall), transparencies help get the message of the speaker, instructor or lecturer across. Even with advances in technology with projectors and presentation software, transparencies still have a place when making presentations.

A transparency or transparency film is a type of clear plastic. You can find this in office supplies stores or order them online. There are different brands of transparencies in the market. You can use them as is. That is, write directly on the transparency with a transparency marker. Or you can use a standard copier to copy text and graphics from paper unto the transparent plastic. But why do this when you can make your transparencies more professional by printing out your presentation direct to the blank transparencies using an HP printer. Here’s how.

  • Buy HP transparency paper. Hewlett-Packard or HP has its own line of transparencies for use with their HP printers. You can purchase these from local office supplies stores or through online sellers. If HP transparency film is not available, you can use other brands. Before you purchase transparencies, check to make sure that it can be used for the type of HP printer you will use in printing out your transparencies.
  • Create your document. Anything can be printed onto transparencies. It can be a document, a slide presentation, a spreadsheet, graphics, texts and more. Prepare the document you want transferred to transparencies using your choice of software. Make sure to save the document. Before you print, ensure that the document is final and mistake free. Transparency film is not cheap. If necessary, before printing to transparencies, make test prints of the document on plain paper. You can check the test prints for errors and change the document if necessary.
  • Place the blank transparencies in the HP printer. Place the transparency paper into the feeding tray of your HP printer. Check if there is a marking on your transparency film that indicates which side is for printing. Usually, the marking is white or yellow. When loading the transparency paper, the print side should face the correct direction. Turn on the printer.
  • Setup the HP printer settings. In your software, access the Print dialog box (which is usually under the File menu). Go to Properties and change the paper type to transparency. In the event that you don’t see transparency paper on the list, select “high quality photo paper” instead together with the highest printing resolution. Click the OK button until you exit the Print dialog box. Your document should begin printing.
  • Dry and store the transparencies. Each time one transparency comes out of the printer, take it out carefully and lay the transparency on a flat surface. Allow the ink to dry. Never put anything on top of the newly printed transparency. When all transparencies are dry, pile them up with plain sheets of paper in between the transparencies. You can also put them in transparent sleeves.

Printing transparencies using your HP printer is fast and easy. Just prepare the document, insert the correct transparency film, setup the printer and print. In case you encounter any problems, check your HP printer manual for instructions, suggestions, tips and tricks. Remember to use high quality HP Premium Transparency Film for great results.


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