How To Print Vinyl Stickers

Gone are the days when you have to be content on buying pre-manufactured vinyl stickers. Now you can print your own vinyl stickers using vinyl sticker sheets. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Buy vinyl sticker sheets. Office supply stores sell vinyl sticker paper. You can also find this type of durable sticker paper online. Choose between matte and gloss. Make sure the vinyl sticker paper can be used on an inkjet printer.
  • Setup your printer. You can use your standard inkjet printer to create vinyl stickers. Make sure you have more than enough ink loaded in the printer. Some designs have lots of colors, which will surely deplete your colored ink. The number of stickers as well as the sizes of your stickers can also exhaust your printer’s ink.
  • Create your sticker designs. There are many different graphics software you can use to create stickers. If you don’t have one loaded on your computer, you can also find an online graphics program that will allow you to create and print stickers. Your word processing program is another option. You can use the clip-art and add text and drawings to make personalized stickers. Another way to create a sticker design is by scanning a picture or drawing. Don’t forget to save each sticker design. If you are creating a complex design, don’t wait until you finish making the design before saving. Otherwise, you might lose all your hard work in case the computer hangs or a power surge occurs.
  • Load your vinyl sticker sheet into the printer. Once you are ready with your vinyl sticker designs, it’s time to print. Get one sheet of vinyl sticker paper. Load this into the printer tray. The vinyl side of the sheet should be facing the direction indicated by arrows on the loading tray. If the vinyl sticker sheet is inserted the wrong way, the print will appear on the backing.
  • Print the vinyl sticker. The instructions for printing may differ from software to software. What you need to do is to make sure that the design you want to print is on the screen and is the current selected sheet. Next, open the Print dialog box. This is usually under the File menu. Select either Print Preferences or Properties in the Print dialog box. Look for Paper Type or the tab that will allow you to select the kind of paper you need to use. Depending on what type of vinyl paper is loaded in the printer tray, choose either Matte Photo Paper or Glossy Photo Paper. For some software, you can even find the manufacturer’s name and the paper type. If this is available, choose the paper type corresponding to your vinyl sticker sheet. Change any other print options as necessary. When ready, click the OK or Print button.
  • Dry the vinyl sticker. Once the sticker design is printed on the vinyl sticker sheet, remove it carefully from the printer. Allow it to dry on a flat surface. This should take 15 minutes or so. Cut the stickers only when the ink is totally dry.

Printing vinyl stickers is a fun project you can do on your own. You can make stickers for personal use or give it away to friends and family. If you are looking for a small business, vinyl sticker printing is an idea worth exploring.


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