How To Professionally Edge a Lawn

An English garden composed of flowerbeds filled with dainty blooms, a lush well-manicured lawn and a picturesque pavilion is truly an inviting sight. You would not be ashamed to entertain guests and invite them over for an afternoon of English tea in such a simple yet elegant manicured garden. But you don’t need to be an English dame or a duchess to have such a garden; rather, all you need is a handy shovel and a few hours of upkeep to maintain that perfect carpet of green. One characteristic that all well-groomed gardens share is a well-edged lawn. The neat edges and the well-defined outlines that separate walkways, flowerbeds and such give that polished look. Here’s how to professionally edge your lawn.

  • With a gas edger. Much like a lawn mower, the gas edger is equipped with a blade set on one side. To use it effectively, walk along the edge of the lawn and position the blade of the gas edger between the concrete and the grass. The gas edger will cleanly and swiftly trim off any stray weeds or flowers. Gas edgers are electrically powered so make sure that when you are walking around with the gas edger, you keep the cord at a safe distance and coiled neatly to avoid accidentally cutting it. For your safety, when using big power tools and equipment like lawnmowers and electric edgers, wear goggles, a face mask and gloves to protect yourself from flying debris. Keep a pair of earplugs handy to block out the monstrous sound of the lawn mower.
  • For areas that are too far away from a power source, you may want to consider using a plain garden shear to trim the edges of the lawn. Of course, when using shears, you have to be extra mindful to keep the grass even. Instead of shears, you may also use hand edgers. But either or, these tools aren’t widely used as using them makes tending the garden a truly a laborious task.
  • Lawn edging material. Instead of continuously trimming the edges of your lawn, why not instead use other lawn edging material such as sod, rocks, red bricks or even picket fences to make a small barrier between walk ways and gardens. Not only are these easier to install and maintain, but they also spruce up the garden quite nicely. Line the perimeter of your garden with these materials and appreciate how these effectively and nicely outline your green space.
  • If you don’t like weeding and cutting the edges of your lawn weekly, you can dig a trench about four inches wide and six inches deep between the garden and the concrete. Fill the trench with sand and line this trench with pebbles and rock. This will inhibit the growth of weeds and grass.
  • Tips to maintain a professional looking lawn. Keep your garden looking fresh and lush by watering the flowerbeds daily. Also make it a weekly task to weed out stubborn shrubs from the garden. When mowing the lawn, mow in straight lines and in one direction to achieve that clean finish.


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