How To Program a Ford Transponder Chip Key

Transponder chip keys are used as an added safety feature for most cars. Without the transponder key chip, some car models will not be able to run. When you buy a car, one of the options is to get the transponder key chip programmed for you. This is quite easy, but is also very expensive since car shops will charge you hundreds of dollars for the service. An alternative is to simply program the keys yourself. Here’s how.

  • Finding the chip key. Start by looking for the right transponder key chips. These types of keys are sold as blanks, just like regular keys that can be used for duplicating your house keys. You can usually purchase these blank transponder key chips from the Internet. Try checking out eBay for cheap chip keys. Or, you can also go to the local locksmith. Sometimes, even locksmiths have copies of transponder chip keys that you can later on use to program your own keys. You should avoid purchasing the chip keys from the local car shop, because they usually sell the chip keys at a very high rate.
  • Cutting the key. Now that you have the chip key, you need to duplicate the key itself. You can do this by simply taking the blank chip key to a local locksmith and giving him the older car keys. In just a couple of minutes, the lock smith should be able to cut the edges of the blank keys to match your older keys. The charges are usually much lower than when you get the keys cut in the local auto shop.
  • Put original keys in ignition. After you have finished getting the physical key cut into shape, you need to start the programming procedure for the transponder in the chip key. You can do this by first taking your two programmed keys that come with the car. Insert the first key into the ignition of the car and run the ignition. Do not start the engine, however, since you will not be using the car for any other purpose than to program your new keys. After the car has gone into run mode, you can insert the other key as long as the security light has already stopped flashing add the other key and then wait for the security light to stop blinking. After it has stopped blinking, you can then remove the second programmed key.
  • Add the final key. Now, all you need to do is to place your blank transponder chip key into the slot. Once you do this, the car will automatically program the key for you. Again, just put the key in and put the car in run ignition mode without starting up the engine. After a couple of seconds, the security light will stop blinking, and your key will have already been programmed.

Make sure that you check the programmed transponder chip key before going out and using it on your car. The last thing you want is to end up with a key that does not work when you are already far from home.


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