How To Program a GM or CHEVY Transponder Chip Key

Cars are getting smarter today. In order to prevent car thefts, most car models today come with ignition systems that will not start unless you use a transponder chip key. These transponder chip keys are programmed in such a way that the car will not work unless you insert the key with the correct programming. If you need to create a duplicate transponder chip key, here are some steps that you should follow.

  • Find the key. First of all, you will need to search for a blank key that will work for your General Motors or Chevy car. These keys are usually available online. Try online retail ships such as Amazon and eBay. One of the best things when you purchase the key online is that you get to buy them at a very low price, as opposed to when you purchase the car keys from the auto dealer. When you purchase the blank keys from the auto dealer, you can end up with a bill that reaches up to a hundred dollars or more. You can also try out the local locksmiths, who may have transponder chip keys.
  • Get the key cut. Now that you have the chip keys, you will need to have it cut into the shape of your original key. Naturally, you will need to take the blank keys along with the original keys to the locksmith, who should be able to cut the keys to you for just a couple of dollars. The whole cutting procedure will last just a couple of minutes.
  • Insert the original key. Now that you have the cut blank transponder chip key, you can start programming it. To program the key, take the original transponder chip key and insert it into the ignition slot. The dash board lights will turn and the security light will start blinking. Make sure that you only turn the key to the run mode, without actually running the car engine itself. Wait for the security to stop blinking, and then remove the original, programmed transponder chip key.
  • Insert the blank key. Now, all you need to do is to insert the next blank keys while the program is still loaded into the car. This way, the program will be copied into your blank transponder chip key when you insert it. Place the key in the ignition slot and turn it so that the car is in the run mode. Wait for a couple of seconds, or until the security lights have already turned off. At this point, your blank keys should have already been programmed. To check whether the programming was successful, try running your car and starting the engine using the blank keys.

Remember that you can actually get the key programmed from the auto dealer as well. The difference, however, is that getting your key programmed at the dealership will cost you a lot of money. Some dealers will charge up to over $200 for a single programmed transponder chip key. With these steps, however, you should have your own key for just a couple of dollars.


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