How To Program a Zenith Universal Remote Control

If you are tired of going through the pile of remote controls just to make a single device work, you can use a universal remote control that will allow you to control all sorts of devices and appliances using only the single remote control. Before you can use the universal remote control, however, you will need to program the control. Here’s how.

  • Turn on. Start by turning on the device that you need to program. The common devices that are used on a universal remote control are the television set, the DVD player or the VCR player, and the stereo system. Make sure that you turn on these devices manually.
  • Code search. Next, you will need to activate the code search for the remote control. Activating the code search will allow you to program the remote control and enter the code for whatever device you want the remote control to work with. To do this, you simply need to click on the Code search key, which is located on the universal remote control. If you cannot find the code search button, refer to the diagrams found in the manual. In the manual, you should find the list of all the buttons on the remote control, as well as the functions for each.
  • Device button. Now that you have pressed the code search button, the next step is to select the device category. If you are programming a television set to work with your universal remote, for instance, then you need to select TV in the device button. If you are trying to program the remote control to work for a DVD player, you need to select the DVD player button.
  • Code. Now, you will need to enter in the three digit code that will work as the programming key for your remote control. The list of codes is found in the remote control manually. Usually, you will find a comprehensive list of manufacturers and their various appliances that can be programmed to work with the remote control. If you cannot find the code that you are looking for, simply go the website for the zenith remote control, and you should be able to find an updated and more complete list of the various devices that you can use with the remote control.
  • Lock the code. After entering the three digit code for the particular device that you are trying to program the remote control for, you will need to lock the program. You can lock the program into your remote control by pressing the mute button. This is a very important step. Otherwise, the program will not be stored in the remote control’s memory.
  • Check. After locking the code, try turning off the television set using your remote control. Then, try turning it on again, and using the various buttons to control the TV set or whatever device you have chosen to connect to the remote control. If it all works, then you are set.

With these in mind, you should be able to use your Zenith universal remote control for whatever type of appliances you have in the house.


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