How To Promote a Website or Blog by Submitting to Directories

Blog and website promotion is a tricky task over the Internet. Creating more traffic to your site is the key objective. It is all about having more links that will lead to your site. There are a lot of strategies bloggers and website owners can do, one if which, is by submitting their URLs to different directories available online.

Follow the steps below to promote your website or blog site with the help of directories.

  • Choose the directory well. There is a wide plethora to choose from. Be aware which one is legit and which one will just waste your time and effort. If you are willing to have a budget for this promotion, then you are more likely to arrive in a respectable and effective directory. On the other hand, don’t be discouraged if you are not willing to spend for this. There are also reputable directories that can be utilized for free. Sometimes, free directories can even dominate over the paid ones. Here is a sample list: Yahoo Directory, Best of the Web,, Dmoz, Joe Ant, Gimpsy, Uncover the Net, Directory @ v7n, ExactSeek, and InCrawler. Look for the directory’s traffic stats and page ranks, these will usually tell you how good a directory is. If a directory is asking you for more details about your site, take time to provide descriptions. This will add more links to your site, which is very ideal in creating more traffic.
  • Determine if you would opt for paid directories. Some bloggers and website owners prefer to pay for these kinds of services. This is especially true because some free directories can be extremely futile. However, weigh your options and always remember to pay only for very reputable directories such as Yahoo Search Directory and DMOZ. Go back to the question on whether the link can justify its cost.
  • Use deep link directories. Deep link directories allow the exposure of specific items on your sites such as articles, pages and even images. Deep link directories can generate multiple links, which is always good for site traffic because they utilize more key words.
  • Vary the title of your work. The title will attach the link to your site. There are hundreds and even thousands of sites in the directory too. Find a way to give your link a distinctive look from the rest of them. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the titles be changed in a completely different way. Rather, some variations will do. Sometimes, create other titles that will alternately represent your homepage.
  • Compose the ideal description for your site. Here is the chance for you to use keywords that will guide the search engine towards your site. Use words ranging from 250- 500 in number. Because this is a chance for you to introduce your keywords related to your site that you wish to increase in rank.
  • Vary the categories for site submission. Don’t just rely on automated software to choose your site’s category for you.
  • Beware of reciprocal directories that offer you a deal for your link in exchange of theirs. Check whether these directories are automated. Also, check for your links on their site from time to time.

Search engine optimization is very crucial to the survival of your blog or website. There are numerous techniques you could choose. Among this is submitting your link on various directories online. All it takes is a little patience and keen decisions in choosing which directory can help the most, or which keywords can do the job well.


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