How To Properly Detox

A night of partying and drinking can leave your system shot and impaired, with symptoms ranging from headaches, upset stomach and fatigue. By detoxifying your body of impurities, you will immediately feel better, cleaner and healthier.

Here are ways to properly detox.

  • Drink plenty of water. This will dissolve residual toxins and carry them away when you urinate. Drink more than eight glasses in one day. Bring your own water with you to assure of frequent hydration. Store it in a convenient container then refill it in safe sources such as the office water cooler or your own fridge at home.
  • Prepare a fruit smoothie. Avoid additives like syrup or flavoring. You may also consume green smoothies, which are made from green vegetables. These drinks are rich in fiber and nutrients.
  • Avoid caffeine, nicotine, fatty substances, refined sugar and flour and alcohol. These substances are the primary causes of toxins that can abuse your vital organs and pollute the rest of your cells. Processed food products are also a well-known culprit when it comes to toxins, as these commodities are pumped with preservatives and chemicals to repel rot, improve flavor and color and delay their expiration date.
  • Sip a cup of green tea each evening. Tea has anti-oxidizing agents that help get rid of toxins in your body. Avoid processed green tea, which are usually filled with sugars and preservatives that negate its original health-giving properties.
  • Sweat it out in a sauna. The sweat will carry away the toxin build-up under your skin and the moist heat will improve circulation and enhance your metabolic processes. Don't forget to hydrate after every session to replenish lost fluids or consume salt to replenish lost electrolytes. You may also perform workouts that will also induce sweating while improving your cardiovascular system. Afterwards, you can shower off any remaining toxins that collected on your skin. Regular visits to a sauna require supervision if you have a chronic condition that impairs your health.
  • Eat only natural foods. Fruits and vegetables not only possess ample fiber for cleaning your digestive tract, but also a high level of nutrients. Avoid adding preservatives or dressing in your food. Serve vegetables as salad with a clear dressing, or lightly sauté them.
  • Consider the master cleanse diet. This is a well-known cleanse that improves your colon function. Blend a concoction that contains fresh squeezed lemon, purified water, organic maple syrup and organic cayenne pepper. Drink this six to twelve times daily. Avoid solid food during a period of ten days. You may experience side effects like aches, vomiting and unusual bowel movements. Abandon this cleanse if the symptoms are leaning towards dangerous levels.
  • Avoid colon cleanses. Don't think of detox as a quick fix to unhealthy habits but a lifestyle adjustment for better living. Avoid quick fixes and think in longer terms, which will stress your body less.

Your body may have a period of adjustment while undergoing detox. Afterwards, you will feel the healthy effects as internal toxins are cleared.


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