How To Properly Package and Ship Vinyl Records and CD's

CDs and vinyl records need careful packaging to be able to retain their quality especially if you are going to ship them. There are materials and the procedures that you will need and you have to learn in order to package your vinyl records and CD’s properly.

  • Prepare the things needed. Here are the things you will need to be able to deliver them safely: thin cardboard boxes, clear packaging tape, newspaper, cardboard record or CD mailers, inserts, bubble wrap and tissue paper.
  • Know how to pack record albums. Wrap the record album with tissue paper. This method is actually optional but it is really a wise choice to prevent scratches forming over your vinyl records and CD’s. Wrap the tissue paper all over the album record, completely covering it. Then cover it with old newspaper and tape it.
  • Know how to pack LP’s. LPs should be packed in a hard and firm cardboard if you are going to ship them. The width for both sides should preferably 13 inches.

    On your mailer box, place a 13-inch cardboard on the bottom. Then remove the disc from its LP jacket and place the disc on the box that you prepared. Next, place the jacket next to the disc. This method will help the record from sliding back and forth while shipping. Insert a cardboard between or at the top of every LP jacket you will place. You can close the box to check if there is any space for the contents to move or slide in.

  • Know how to pack 78-rpm records. These records should be taken care of the way that you did for the LP’s. But you must consider that the 78’s have a more brittle material than vinyl. You should also know that 78-rpm records don’t come with outer jackets, and they are only packaged with the paper sleeves. They must be packed the same way that LPs are.

    Your mailer box should be 10 inches on both sides. Then place a cardboard at the bottom of your mailbox, to be followed by the bubble wrap. The bubble wrap will ensure the safety of the record since it doesn’t have outer jackets. Then place the 78’s, cover them again with cardboard and bubble wrap. Do the same procedure until you are finished with the last piece. Just insert a cardboard and bubble wrap between each piece. And lastly, always secure them inside the box. There shouldn’t be any space that will allow the records to slide back and forth inside the box.

  • Know how to pack 45-rpms. Secure them with cardboard between each piece. You can also use bubble wrap if you prefer to. The size of your mailer box should be 7-½ inch on both sides. Then as usual place a hard and firm cardboard on the bottom of the mailer box. Then do the same procedure that you did for the LP’s by removing the disc form the sleeves to protect them when shipping. Pack them securely on the mailer box as well.
  • Know how to pack CDs. CDs are much easier to pack than vinyl. You can use any mailer box that will fit the number of CD’s you will be shipping. Just allow a ½-inch space inside the box once you packed them. Put them on the box along with their crystal case but you may cover them first with bubble wrap to avoid cracks on the crystal case.

Now you are done. You can ship them anytime and have no worries that they may lose their quality after shipment. Good luck!


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