How To Propose Long Distance

Making a long distance relationship work is a challenge by itself. People say “absence makes the heart fonder”; while others believe that prolonged distance can make your heart forget. If you have survived being apart from your partner for a while and you wish to take your relationship further, then you might want to propose marriage.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment. While a lot of culture accepts annulment or legal separation, it’s best to consider spending the rest of your life with just one person. If you have decided that your current partner is “the one”, then do not let the distance between you hinder your proposal.

The availability of modern technology makes long distance relationships work easier and cheaper. Before the Internet, long-distance calls and snail mails are the only ways for you to communicate. However, with the easy access of Internet nowadays, electronic mails, chatting and networking sites allow real-time conversations. Even web cameras allow you to see each other as you chat.

The best way to propose is still the conventional personal approach. However, if you cannot fly or travel across the distance to propose, you can use Internet and other resources available.

For most women, the proposal is one of the most memorable and romantic experiences they would remember. So do your part and be creative. Your personal absence should be covered by the romantic way you propose. Here are some tips for you.

Make it a surprise. If you have been in the relationship long enough, chances are, you have a regular schedule on when you communicate. If you chat with each other every other day, then skip a few sessions and allow your partner to wonder what you’re up to. Do not answer any of her text messages or e-mail messages. This will make her more anxious. After a few days of going incognito, call her in the middle of the night and ask her to go online. Stress the importance that you chat with her so that she’d get up and go online. Turn on the web-camera, get down on your knees and deliver your proposal speech.

Another way to make it more exciting is to drop various hints of your proposal few days before you do it. You can write on her Facebook wall, leave her a message on all her mailboxes, and even send an SMS message indicating a coded message. Make it simple, like a specific date with specific time. This will make her wondering and anxious for the date. On the given date and time, go online and propose to her.

Do it the old school way – a snail mail proposal. Send a romantic card and ask if your partner is willing to spend the rest of her life with you.

You can also check out online stores that deliver jewelry. Check out stores with several branches across the world. Arrange for the delivery of the proposal ring on the date of your proposal. You can make special arrangements so that the ring is delivered right on time.

If you’re lucky to know anyone near your partner, then set him up as an accomplice. You can ask him to bring your partner in a romantic place and you can propose while talking on the phone.

There are countless ways to propose even via long distance. Your creativity is your only limit.


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