How To Protect a Drafting Table

The drafting table is often neglected. In many offices—be it corporate or home offices—drafting table flags that “used and abused” look. If not taken care of, however, drafting table will eventually retire and die. Because a drafting table is not a cheap piece, it is important that you protect it from all sorts of damage. We will give you some tips on how to do that.

  • Cover the drafting table with a mat board. The mat board will keep your drafting table’s surface from pen and pencil marks. You can use an adhesive tape to keep the mat board in place. If a mat board is not available, you can use any type of paper that is large enough to cover the surface. Simply tape the edges onto the underside of the drafting table. The nice thing about this alternative is that the paper itself can be used as a doodling or note paper.
  • Use a permanent top board. A permanent top board will keep your drafting table from pen and pencil marks as well. It will also function as a protective barrier from knives and other sharp objects. As such, you don’t have to worry about scratches, cuts, and dents ending up on your drafting table. Top boards are available online and in drafting table stores.
  • Buy a cutting mat. A cutting mat, as the name implies, is specifically designed to keep your drafting table’s surface from cuts. This is helpful if you regularly work on projects that require cutting. It can cost around $100.
  • Install a tray for pens. A tray installed on the drafting table should keep all the pens and other marking items. This way, you won’t keep all the pens on the drafting table itself and risk damaging the surface with all sorts of marks and scratches. You can make the tray yourself using plywood. It should be easy because it doesn’t need to have a complex structure. Ledges and caddies are also helpful in holding other kinds of tools.
  • Keep the pens cap on. After using the pens, always make it a habit to put their caps back on. This is to keep you from accidentally marking the drafting table, especially if you like keeping the pens on the drafting table.
  • Use plastic covering. If you are not going to use it for a long period of time, make sure to cover your drafting table with a plastic cover. In place of a plastic cover, you can also use tablecloth or any other large piece of cloth. This will protect your drafting table from dirt and dust.
  • Work with a lamp. A lamp will help you see your work more clearly, therefore preventing you from making pen marks and cuts outside your work space. You can use a table lamp for this, but consider using the kind that sits on top of the drafting table instead of the kind that is clasped onto the edge of the table. This is because the kind with clasping mechanism might leave marks on the drafting table. If you prefer, you can also use floor lamp.

Also, make sure to use the drafting table appropriately. Don’t use it for purposes other than drafting, drawing, and other architectural or crafting projects. See to it that the screws are tightly kept in place and that the table parts are adjusted the right way.


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