How To Protect Chrome Wheels in the Winter

Many vehicle owners opt to use chrome wheels because such tire package definitely makes a car look shiny and new. Besides this, chrome wheels can usually be bought at discounted prices, making your purchase a wise decision. However chrome wheels can easily wear out particularly during cold weather. They become brittle and they can lose their luster under extremely low temperature. Just like with jewelry, chrome wheels need care and protection from various environmental elements to preserve their glow. Here are some tips that you can use in protecting chrome wheels in winter:

  • Act before wintertime. If you want to truly protect your chrome wheels from the harsh cold of winter, you need to act before the temperatures drop to crazy levels. What you should do is to take them out from your car and place them in a warm and dry area, assuming of course, that you have spare wheels to use.
  • Keep your chrome wheels clean. When there is no other choice but to continue using your chrome wheels even during winter, protect them by regularly washing them off each time they get caught in the snow. Dissolve soap in hot water and use this detergent solution in cleaning the tires and their rims. Scrub the ridges of the tires to completely get rid of the snow. Rinse the chrome wheels very well using pressurized hose so the water will be able to penetrate hard to reach grooves in the tires. Aside from soap and water, you can also use chrome cleaner, which is available in auto supply stores. Chrome cleaner is very effective in removing grime, soil and other dirt particles.
  • Buff the chrome wheels with chrome polish or car shine wax. Use a piece of flannel cloth in polishing these car fixtures. First, apply a thick coat of chrome polish on the chrome wheels and wipe it on with cloth. Be sure to spread the polish thoroughly to achieve an even luster. Repeat the procedure until shiny results come out.
  • Wash off the chrome wheels immediately after your car comes from snow. As soon as you have parked your car in the garage, wash off the snow at once from the wheels. When the ice stays very long on the wheels, the cold will bite into the tires and will cause damage in the long run. Actually, it is not just the snow that can ruin your chrome wheels, but also the salt that is mixed in the snow. In order to melt snow and clear the road for motorists, traffic crews threw salt on the roads. As you drive through a “salt-treated” road, the salt will naturally cling to your tires. Salt has abrasive component, which may damage tires.
  • Get car wash service. If you really want to give your car a thorough wash, bring it to a car wash center. The water used in car wash centers comes from a pressurized tank, which is very effective in removing all the dirt and grime stuck in the tires.

Chrome wheels will last longer even during harsh winter seasons if you keep them in top form at all times. Whether or not it is winter, clean and polish them well on regular basis. On days when your car is just sitting in the garage, you still need to give the chrome wheels some washing and buffing to retain their shine all the time.


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