How To Protect Garden Plants from Cold Weather

With their colorful flowers and lush foliage, plants are beautiful and you can never go wrong by using plants to accessorize your home. But if you do so, you should learn how to take care of them properly. If you have plants inside your home, you won’t have to worry too much about weather changes during the winter. The ones that need closer attention are those exposed to the harmful elements of nature, especially to extreme cold during winter. Watch out for tropical plants which are prone to die, or at least suffer foliage damage, when exposed to frost. If you experience this problem during the winter season, then read on. This article covers ways you can protect your plants from cold weather.

  • Do your research. Have an inventory of what plants you have. Research on the library or on the Internet which of these plants cannot survive or thrive in cold weather. Not all plants are cold intolerant, so it’s better for you to know which are and which are not. This simple step will save you time and effort.
  • Know when to move the plants. Depending on where you are, winter only comes once a year.  You should know when your cold season begins and when it ends. Listen to weather stations, watch TV shows on weather forecast, and again, do Internet research. Almanacs are a great way to find out when your region's weather has turned cold in the past. At the end of the day, a big part of protecting your plants from fierce weather assaults is to know when the attacks are taking place.
  • Water your plants. According to research, watering you plants before winter takes place helps gives your plants better fighting chance to survive, as dry soil does not absorb as much solar radiation as wet soil. Aside from this, mist your plants if they are tolerant of frost, since the mist will freeze during winter and this will create a protective layer to shelter the foliage.
  • Cover your plants. Insulating your plants is the best way to protect them from frost during winter. There are many ways to can do this, depending on what kind of plant you’re insulating. If you are insulating small plants, you may want to cover them piece by piece. Get empty 1.5 liter Coke or any soda drink plastic bottles. Create a dome by cutting the upper third of the bottle. Cover the plants with the domes you’ve made by sinking the bottle into the soil. These will act as miniature greenhouses. Use landscape fabric, burlap, or light cotton to cover larger plants.  Begin by tying loose branches and leaves up with strings, and then wrap the entire plant with your fabric. Your plants are now insulated from cold weather - and, more importantly, from frost.


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