How To Protect Your Coin Collection

Coin collecting is referred to as the “Hobby of Kings” because back in the day, only royalty had the ways and means to collect coins. The peasantry couldn’t afford to keep coins for themselves and the merchant class needed to spend coin, not hoard it. Coin collecting dates back to Roman times when the great Emperor Augustus Caesar would keep coins and then give them as gifts to his friends and allies.

As a collector, it is not enough that you amass a pretty impressive coin collection; you have to protect your collection for your personal enjoyment and that of your collecting colleagues. Besides, these coins aren’t very big so there is always the danger of losing them easily.

Below are some great suggestions on how to protect your beloved coins:

  • Display case. If you can afford it, get a display case for your coin collection. Depending on your collection, you could have irregular sizes for your coins. Find a good place in your home for a display case. Below are your options:
    • Wall Cabinets are the most common choice. These also offer the best choices when it comes to security and display.
    • Desk Display Cases are often an affordable choice and much more portable than a wall cabinet.
    • Row Coin Display Racks are usually for beginners and novices. These are often made with as few as two rows for displaying the coins.
  • Collector case. These are albums that have clear plastic pages that have pockets where you can store the coins. There is enough space in the plastic pockets to house irregular shaped coins and labels. The plastic pockets help keep the coins in mint condition or preserve the condition you got them in.
  • Coin flips. Intended for temporary storage and protection, coin flips are plastic covers used by dealers to protect the coins from damage while being transported.
  • Coin cases. If you’ve got a few priceless pieces in your collection you may opt for an airtight coin case. Just like its name says, the airtight coin case creates an airtight seal for your coin the minute you slip it in the case and snap it shut.
  • Coin slabs. This is the Rolls Royce of coin protection. These slabs are no different from an airtight coin case but are made of much sturdier material. Slip the coin in, snap it shut and you’ve got a coin that could outlast your grandchildren.

Always remember that a coin collection, depending to the types of coins included in the collection appreciate with time. So always protect your coin collection because it could become valuable over a few years. What starts as an initial investment of a dollars could end up funding your grandchildren’s college education.

Collectors go to great pains just to amass their precious coin collection. It would make no sense for them to go through the trouble of completing their collection and not protect them. The items listed above are available online or in your coin dealer or coin collector’s shop.


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