How To Prune a Dwarf Tree

A dwarf tree is perfect if what you have is a small home orchard. You can easily take care of it since it doesn’t require much space. Also, you don’t have to worry about sourcing a ladder. You can just for reach for the fruits if you need to harvest them.

Here are some tips if you need to prune a dwarf tree:

  • Check out your dwarf tree’s rootstock. The rootstock is going to determine the kind of care for your dwarf tree. It is also going to guide you on how to plant it. Learn more about the difference between a semi-dwarf tree and a true dwarf tree. Focus on the characteristics related to rootstock.
  • If what you have is a semi-dwarf tree, allot a bigger space. You should plant it at least 15 feet away from the previous tree. On the other hand, if what you got is a true dwarf tree, plant it at least 8 feet away. You can also check out the specific instructions from the nursery where you obtained your dwarf tree.
  • Know when to prune your dwarf tree. Allow your dwarf tree to grow for a while. Give it about a year. Wait until it starts growing buds. Or, you can wait until it is about two feet tall. Again, check out for the blossoming of buds.
  • When your dwarf tree is ready to be pruned, check out the branches. Identify the older ones – those branches that have grown for at least a year. Cut them back. Leave about half of each branch. The pruning is going to allow new branches to sprout out. Make sure that in each pruned branch, between three and four buds are blossoming. If a branch has extra buds, get rid of them. You can rub them using your thumb.
  • Learn how to take care of your dwarf tree after its first pruning. Wait for the third winter after you have pruned your dwarf tree. Then, start selecting the main braches that have sprouted. You can easily identify them. They are generally long, maybe between 1’ and 1 ½’ apart. They commonly point outward. They also don’t cross with other branches from the middle of your dwarf tree. Don’t touch them. Proceed by checking out the younger branches. Prune them. See to it that at least four buds are left on their main stem.
  • Invest on quality pruning tools. Look for a decent pair of cutters. You are going to use it for a long time. So, it is surely more practical to get the one that suits your budget and at the same, fulfills the task that you need to accomplish. You don’t want to end up crushing the branches of your dwarf tree. Go for a good pair of cutters.

For better results, schedule pruning your dwarf tree annually. Pruning is going to make your dwarf tree healthier. It is also going to ensure a good yield. The formula is simple. Pruning helps in balancing sustained growth and productive harvest. It keeps your dwarf tree to be in great condition.


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