How To Publish a Business Guide for Your Area

Business guides are great references for interested potential clients for any business. It is also a smart and convenient way to publicize your business as it lists all the necessary information about the goods and services you offer as well as your contact details.

Publishing a business guide for your area may seem like such an enormous feat, but it does not have to be. You can create and publish a business guide for your area by following these simple suggestions:

  • First things first. The key to publishing a good business guide for your area is to be organized. Start by making a list of all categories you want to be included in the guide that you are making. Alphabetically arrange the categories, very much like how they are arranged in a directory. Then, one by one, list all local businesses that will fall under each category. Include their contact details, a brief description of what they offer, and the name of the person in charge for that particular branch.
  • Contact the local printers and ask for the cost of printing and publishing a business guide. Find the best deal and prepare a written agreement with the company. Get in touch with local magazine stands and bookstores as well and make a deal with them so they can carry your business guide and sell it in their shops.
  • Have a word with the owner. Now that you have named all the businesses that you want to include in the business guide and have made a good deal with a local printer, you may then proceed to getting in touch with the owners or managers of the different business and offer to list their business in the guide you are making. Since publishing a business guide will require funding to cover the designing, printing, and possibly the distribution, you may charge a minimal fee for all interested business owners to help you with the expenses. The fee that you charge may depend on the size of the advertisement that they want to have printed on the guide. For example, they may opt to purchase a quarter of a page in the business guide so they can print a miniature version of their brochure.
  • Once you have closed the deals with the businesses that will be listed in your business guide, you may now go back to your local printer and start designing the layout of your business guide.
  • Get into the details. Be specific with how you want your business guide layout to be. Make sure to also specify the requests of the different businesses that will be included in the guide. Be in constant communication with the graphic designer in charge of your business guide so that you can minimize the problems in the designing and printing process.
  • After you have finished designing the business guide, send softcopies to your clients so they can see how their advertisements look like and so they can edit the information if necessary. Once you have gained their approval, you can move on to printing the business guide and have the finished product sent to the magazine stands and bookstores who have agreed to sell your business guide for you.

Enjoy the rewards of being able to publish a good business guide for your area!


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