How To Publish a Christian Children's Book

As a writer, you want to communicate your thoughts to a certain group of readers – adults or children, sci-fi fanatics or hopeless romantics – to inspire, motivate, entertain, or to push for change.

 Writing a book is a great accomplishment for you. It is a testament to your gift and is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Just as fulfilling and rewarding as writing the last sentence on your book is seeing your book in print, ready to be published.

Having written a Christian children’s book, you are now ready to share the lessons and stories with children and hopefully give them the inspiration, hope, and motivation they need to get through everyday life. Here are a few tips on how you can publish your Christian children’s book.

  • Polish your work. Before contacting a publisher, get in touch with someone who is experienced in editing manuscripts. Have him or her go over your work and proofread it to check for misspelled words or grammatical errors. Note that it is best to have someone do the editing or proofreading for you because your familiarity with your work tends to interfere with how accurately you can spot for errors.
  • Scout for publishers. There are numerous publishing houses you can check out on the Internet or even in your local business guide. Check the publisher’s credibility and browse through the books they have published over the years. It is best to narrow down your choices to publishers who are experienced in publishing children’s books as they will have a team of artists and designers who can give you the best ideas for your book.
  • Send a letter. Once you have picked the publishers you want to do business with, write them each a letter of intent and include the synopsis of your book. If your book is illustrated, you may also want to include sample chapters with the illustrations to give them an idea of what the book is all about. Note that some publishers require a full manuscript of the book to be sent to them for review so you might want to research on the publishing houses you are interested in first before sending them your letter.
  • Be patient but have a plan B. It may take some time before you get a reply from the publishers you contacted. Be patient as you are not the only one who sent them a manuscript to be reviewed. While waiting, you may want to work on your next book so in case a publisher takes interest and asks if you have more stories, you will have a portfolio to show them.

If all else fails and no publisher takes interest in your work, do not lose hope. Find a friend who can help you illustrate your children’s book and work with him or her. Then, contact a local printing company that can give you a good deal and have them print your book. Advertise your book online, market it to schools, Church groups for children, and to your neighbors. This may take a lot of effort but it will help you build your book’s name and it will put your book in the market.

Once you have published your Christian children’s book, you can now take pride in seeing the smiles of your young readers and in touching their lives and inspiring change.


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