How To Pull a Successful All Nighter

What is an ‘all nighter’?  It simply means sleeping right after the sun rises. You know you’re pulling an all nighter when you stay up all night either doing your homework or preparing for a presentation the following day. Although this is most commonly done by college students when they have a paper, thesis, or project due the next day, everyone is entitled to this sleep deprived activity. In order to pull a very successful all nighter, you must have the motivation to keep yourself up all night. Check out these easy ways how.

  • Load up on caffeine. Pick your poison. Choose one, two or three drinks that contain lots of caffeine. This could be the all time favorite coffee. You could opt for soda, or you can also go for energy drinks, up to you. Although you must be warned that too much of something is bad for you, so better just take enough caffeine as you can to help you stay awake for the rest of the night. It is also advised to pace your caffeine intake so as not to get you all hyper because once you do, you’ll end up using all your energy up even before you get any work done, then you’ll feel tired as soon as you got your body worked up. Drink water in between, this also helps keep you and your bladder awake.
  • Fourth meal of the day. You know that you’re going to be staying up all night and your stomach is gonna grumble for sure. After dinner and after loading up on coffee or energy drinks, make sure you have one more meal set up. You can either go for pasta, or anything with carbs, not lots of it though but enough to keep your energy up. Just be careful not to eat too much or else you’ll get too full and sleepy to even sit on your desk to work.
  • Go on breaks. Imagine you’re inside the office working. Eventually you’ll get tired, feel sleepy, or just have a major migraine because of all the work you’ve been doing. Take a nice, not too long break maybe 2 15-minute breaks or a 30-minute one will do. Stand up, walk around your room. You can even go out of the house to get some fresh air, or you can watch TV for a bit (but make sure you set an alarm for you to stop watching or you might get too hooked with it that you forget that you actually have a deadline the next day), you can play with your PSP, iphone, itouch or whatever gaming gadget you have (again time it). Taking breaks may also help your brain to function well as you might actually find the answer you are looking for during your break.
  • Take a shower. This helps especially when you’re already at that point where you see yourself lying down on your bed snoring. When your eyes can no longer stay open, get up and just take a nice cold shower. A splash of cold water on your face and on your whole body can do wonders for you. You’ll be up in no time and ready to take on more work.
  • Buddy up. Studying alone can be dragging and boring. Invite one of your classmates or groupmates (if you’re working on a project) to stay over at your place and do an all nighter with you. This will help you stay up all night as you will have someone to converse with rather than just yourself.
  • Music. Listening to music is very helpful as it not only helps you keep up but it also helps liven up your brain and get you to think and be more creative.

And you’re done! You pulled it off!  Just remember not to lie down as this will be the end of your successful all nighter. Have a good night!


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