How To Purchase Wrought Iron Railings

Notice a house designed with wrought iron railings on the stairs or fence.  You’ll agree that it adds personality and glamour to your home.  How do you go about buying one?  Here is how.

  • Measure the area. Get a tape measure.  Go to the area where you plan to place the wrought iron railing and measure it.  This should give you a rough estimate of how much railing you will need.
  • Design. Is there a particular design and color that you have in mind?  Remember that in choosing one, you should think of safety precautions also.  Approve a design wherein a child’s head will not be able to fit in.  Children do get curious and they will really try to see if their heads fit in wrought iron railings even for fun.  Browse through catalogues and home magazines for different design ideas.  You can even draw a sketch of the design you like or make a cut out from a catalogue.   
  • Scout around. With your measurements tucked under your arm, go around suppliers and ask about prices and designs.  You will be able to see who is cheaper or who has a better material than the other.  Order wrought iron made of durable, high quality material.  You wouldn’t want a railing that bends or warps.  These are the cheap ones.  Check also for ongoing promotions, perks and freebies.
  • Search the Internet. Go online and check different suppliers and see what they have to offer.  See if there are any promotions or sale ongoing too.  Read reviews from previous buyers to check out the supplier’s profile and if they are worth ordering from. 
  • Place your order. Once you’ve chosen a supplier, write down your order and review it.  Remember to add anything you specifically want done or added to the design.  Choose the color of your railing.  Write down your address.  If you need to draw a map so the movers can locate your house easily, do so.  Railings will definitely not fit in your car or van.  It must be secured while it is mobile as a safety precaution thus it has to be delivered by professionals.
  • At delivery. Your railings have arrived at your home.  Have the movers or delivery person open the crate so you can check the finished product before accepting it.  Are there any scratches?  Was the railing done to your specifications?  Are there any signs of rust? Are the screws and everything needed to mount the railings complete?  Once you are satisfied, sign the papers that you are accepting the order.
  • Installation. A professional will come to your home to install the railings.  Certain materials like brackets and screws will be needed.  You don’t have to be the one to provide this.  It should come with the railings when delivered.  If you live in a condo or building, make sure you inform the building manager of the scheduled installation prior to having the installers come in.  Follow all safety measures during installation.

Now, stand back and admire your wrought iron railings.


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