How To Put a Sling on a Shotgun

In hunting tasks, the art of carrying the shotgun alone is a tough job already. Being heavy and long, the shotgun can hamper a lot of your outdoor actions causing yourself to tire easily. However, when you carry a shotgun in a sling, this problem vanishes completely. In fact, as you see a lot of hunters these days, almost all of them are carrying their shotguns in slings. If you need to mount a sling onto your shotgun, here's how you can do it:

  • Prepare all the things that you need for this mounting task. Besides your shotgun, prepare the following things: sling mount plate, swivel mounting sling, drill, and self-tapping wood screw. You will need more or lesser materials depending on the type of shotgun you have and the kind of sling you are trying to mount on the gun.
  • Evaluate what your shotgun type is. There are shotguns that come ready for sling mounting. However, there are some that requires you to drill some holes in the surface to give way for the installation of the sling. If you have a shotgun that comes ready for the sling, there is not much you have to do. Otherwise, continue reading on and follow the steps for the proper installation of the sling on the shotgun.
  • Install the sling mount plate on the tube. Find the shell tube and unscrew its cap. Insert the sling mount tube on it. Make sure that the notch on the mount plate is resting underneath the shotgun's barrel.
  • Firmly secure the cap of the shell tube. Once the plate is positioned properly, replace the cap and make sure it is tightly secured in place. This must be followed closely to ensure of the safety of the sling installation project you are working on.
  • Drill a hole in the sling post. Make sure you have the right-sized drill bit so you can work on a pilot hole that is the perfect size in the stock. You can check the directions of the manufacturer in terms of what size of drill bit you must use for this purpose. When drilling the pilot hole, make sure it is centered right on the stock's lower curve. It must also be around three or four inches away from the recoil pad.
  • Put the threaded mount in the stock. Insert the mount to the stock until such time that the post is already flushed with the stock's surface.
  • Feed the sling right through the plate. Before you do this, make sure that swivel mount is opened. Insert the sling's swivel pin right through the post mount in the stock. Then, feed the sling's front loop through the plate. Secure the sling later on following the instructions as provided by its manufacturer.

Take note that it is very important that you install the sling properly and securely. If not, you can experience negative effects in your aim and accuracy when using the shotgun. This is not to mention yet that this can lead to injury not only to you but also to your colleagues and other people in the area. Hence, there is no room for mistake when putting a sling on any shotgun.


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