How To Put a Weave Ponytail in your Hair

A weave ponytail can offer you a lot of things from your style to your looks. By just putting one on, you can automatically transform yourself from your usual self to a new you. Plus, a weave ponytail can match any occasion and outfit as it works perfectly to give you a formal or casual look. Not to mention that a weave ponytail can easily be attached to the hair. Check out how you can put this weave in your hair:

  • Prepare your hair for the weave ponytail. When you wear the weave ponytail, it is very important that you always have clean hair to start with. Shampoo your hair and condition it afterwards. Make sure you rinse your hair well. Once done, apply your choice of moisturizer such as oil or leave-in moisturizer.
  • Gather your hair to a ponytail. Do not dry your hair just yet. You can gather it all up while still wet so you can smooth down all the edges very well. If you have short hair, you can smooth down the edges using a brush and a gel application. Make sure your hair is as flat as you can make it so it appears very natural. Use a good ponytail holder or rubber band in securing your hair in its place. Take note that if you intend to wear long weave ponytail, collect your hair high on the head. Otherwise, collect the hair at your nape.
  • Allow your hair to dry prior to wearing the weave ponytail. It is necessary that the hair is already dry when you wear the weave. However, if you use a curly weave ponytail, it is best to leave your hair wet. With this, the natural curls of the hair will blend better with the curly weave.
  • Attach the weave ponytail to your hair. The way you attach the ponytail depends on what kind of weave ponytail you have. There is a weave with push-combs installed. To wear this kind of weave, push a comb on top of your ponytail and push another at your real ponytail's bottom. If in the event that your weave has a drawstring, make sure to pull it well so it will be more secured in your hair. You can wear bobby pins to give added security of the weave to your hair.
  • Attach the ponytail using weave binding glue. It is also possible to put the weave ponytail using weave binding glue. This is true for weave ponytails that do not come with special clasps for easy attachment to the hair. To work on this kind of ponytail, apply a small amount of the glue at the end. Then, wrap it around your ponytail's base. You can get as much glue as you want; however, the more glue you use, the harder it is to get it out of your hair later. Continue wrapping the weave ponytail until you have the weave all consumed.

It is good to know that changing your hairstyle is as easy as wearing a weave ponytail these days. If you get a collection of different weave ponytails at home, you can change your look day after day without much hassle.


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