How To Put an Outfit Together for the Kentucky Derby

A lot of people wonder what exactly to wear going to the Kentucky Derby. With this kind of occasion, it is almost confusing to decide which dress pieces will fit together. Aside from the popular hat, there are a lot of things you need to include in your outfit for the derby. Here is a guide to help you make out your fashion statement during the day of the game:

  • Choose semi-formal wear. For the derby, it is apt to wear semi-formal daywear. For instance, women can wear dresses while men can wear dress shirts, slacks, or suits.
  • Consider lighter fabrics applicable for the summer season. As you know, the weather is usually warm when the derby is held. Hence, it is a great decision to choose clothes that are made of lighter fabrics. To get the appropriate clothes for the day, check the weather forecast for the day of the derby.
  • Choose the best hat for the derby day. It is practical to choose a hat first prior to picking other pieces of your outfit. There are a lot of hat makers that produce great quality and fashionable hats. Take the opportunity to pick the most fantastic hat you can afford for the occasion as you can see men and women battling over the title of having the best hat in silence.
  • Research on the hats and outfits of derby goers. If you do not have much of an idea of what is exactly being worn in a Kentucky Derby, make your own research. Get expert ideas on how to pick and match together outfits for the day.
  • Pick a hat that is not only fashionable but also functional. It is best to pick a derby hat with a wide brim. The brim will help keep your face off the sun. A wide brim can also help you get more visual impact to your outfit. It is also a good choice to pick a derby hat with two colors so it can work perfectly to accentuate the rest of the derby outfit.
  • Make the hat as a basis of your other outfit pieces. If possible, take the hat with you the moment you shop for your outfit. This way, you can see whether your hat properly complements your dress and other accessories in terms of style and color. One of the best hat and dress matches is a white or beige dress with a vibrant hat.
  • Check out the seats assigned to you when picking shoes. If you happen to be watching the derby with a general admission ticket, it is not a good idea to wear high pointed heels as you will stand on the grass all throughout the day. It is also not a good idea for men to wear dress shoes if in this same situation.

Going to the Kentucky Derby is not only a matter of watching the event. It is also a matter of showing your sense of fashion to the world. If you come inappropriately dressed, you will end up receiving mock looks from the rest of the derby goers. Otherwise, you will end up getting the praise of everyone if you come up with an outfit that is well fitted together. For sure, you want to experience the latter.


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