How To Put Charms on a Cell Phone

Cell phones are here and there these days. With this growing population of cell phones, it is almost impossible to get a unique phone over the others. Good thing that you can put a phone charm just to set your phone above the rest. Plus, a charm can help you showcase your personality in this very important gadget in your everyday life. Here is a quick guide to help you in putting a charm in your cell phone:

  • Find the charm holder in your cell phone. Study your phone and find where the holder is. This is usually a very small hole at the side of the phone usually at the upper side. If you cannot find it, check the cell phone's manual. There is usually a phone model there telling you the various parts of your cell phone. If you happen to not have the manual anymore, find other resources such as the Internet.
  • Get a mobile phone charm of your preference. There are a lot of charms that you can get from the market. Choose a good charm that matches your style and personality. There are a lot of options to choose from such as flowers, toys, cartoon characters, metal objects, and a lot of other charms. There are charms for men and women, young and old, casual and elegant, and the like.
  • Slide the mobile phone charm's strap to the holder. Take the strap of the charm and pull it very tightly so that it comes straight and narrow. Then, slide the strap through the holes. Stop when you have inserted the strap halfway already. The straighter and narrower the strap is, the easier it is for you to work on the sliding it into the hole.
  • Loop the strap to secure it in the charm holder. Let the charm go through the loop of the charm's strap. Pull it down and it will automatically secure the charm in place.
  • Put a charm to a phone without a charm holder. Unfortunately, there are phones that do not have holes to hold the cell phone charm. However, you can still put some charms to phones like this in various ways. For one, secure the charm strap in the phone's antenna. Simply put the strap right around the phone's antenna and end it with a loop.
  • Use an antenna phone charm ring. The antenna charm ring is the best alternative to style your mobile phone without charm holes. There are a lot of charms like this that you can choose from in the market. More often than not, the option is just as wide as the charms with straps.
  • Put the mobile phone charm in a flip cell phone. If you have a flip phone that has no charm holder, you can still put a charm on it. Slide the charm's strap just around the flip phone's hinge.

It is always very easy to dress up your cell phone with a charm. You can get as many charms as you want and change it from time to time. You can pick your charm day after day depending on your mood, the current occasion or season, and a lot of other factors. Dress up your phone and show the world who you are and make your phone different from the pool of cell phones out there.


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