How To Put in a Half Wig

You’ll need to use a lot of shampoo and wait for so long to get fuller hair. At least, doing that ensures getting natural fuller hair. However, the long wait is not that bearable especially for those who want a quick fix. A quick fix is possible with a half wig. This wig is added to natural hair for more beautifying effect. This is different from a full wig that is covering the entire head. Half wig is only added to the hair, usually underneath the first layer of natural hair.

The biggest challenge of putting in a half wig is to make it look as natural as possible. Follow the steps below and you won’t even notice which is the natural hair from the wig:

  • Choose the perfect half wig. Half wigs are available in different colors and different styles. Choose a wig with the same color as your natural hair. This way, the wig will not be very noticeable, unless you want to add a little style on your hair. Also choose wigs made out of natural human hair. Synthetic wigs can’t be washed, combed, and ironed like human hair wigs. The only downside is that human hair wigs are more expensive. But if you’re planning to wear the wig for more than a year, then it will be worth the money because synthetic wigs will look so bad only after a few uses.
  • Separate the front part of hair. Do this by putting the right thumb just above the right ear and the left thumb just above the left ear. Slide the thumbs straight across your head until the thumbs meet. Catch the collected hair with one hand. Tie the hair up so it won’t disturb the next step. You may comb the hair forward to secure it nicely.
  • Braid the other part of the hair. If you can, braid the hair using a circular pattern. If not, just braid it to the best you can and then secure the braid’s tail to your head using bob pins. The braided hair should not be noticeable. It will give support for the wig so make sure that it’s neatly braided and secured.
  • Put the half wig over the braided hair. Half wigs have combs for attaching to the head. Use that comb and insert it to the braided hair. Comb the wig or secure it with more bob pins.
  • Untie the front hair. Put it over the half wig. It should cover the half wig and should blend well with it. You can comb the hair, flatten it with iron, or use a curling iron to achieve similar curls. Styling the half wig is fine as long as the wig can take the stress.
  • Check the half wig’s attachment. Try to move your head casually or rub hair with your hands. Does the half wig stayed in place? If not, better add more bob pins to unnoticeable areas. The half wig can never be too secured with bob pins.

Enjoy the added fullness to your hair with a properly attached half wig. You might be amazed of many compliments you’ll receive. And that’s thanks to your nicely done hair.


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