How To Put in a Nose Stud

Wearing facial jewelry aside from a pair of earrings is usually frowned upon by the unenlightened society. But with the nose stud’s popularity over the decade, it slowly became one of the most socially acceptable taboos. However, there are still companies and schools that prohibit wearing nose studs for the sake of fashion. Religious reasons are okay but still, they would require wearing a smaller nose stud so it won’t be very noticeable. That is why you can’t avoid the need of putting in a nose stud on your own. Putting the nose stud in yourself will be safe if you follow the proper steps below:

  • Choose and prepare the area. It’s best to use the bedroom for this. You should have a mirror and a clear surface where the nose stud, sterile saline wipes, and latex gloves can be placed on. Cover the surface with white clean cloth so that it will be easy to look for the nose stud in case of accidental dropping.
  • Wash your face. This is not necessary but working on a clean face is better than just cleaning the nose. Use your regular facial wash to do this.
  • Properly wash your hands. Use anti-bacterial or disinfectant soap when washing your hands well. Any soap will do as long as it is not oil-based and will leave your hands squeaky clean. Wash the hands for about 20 seconds and then rinse them thoroughly. Wipe them dry with clean towel and then wear a pair of unused latex gloves. The gloves will prevent spreading of infection and give you a better grip for the nose stud.
  • Wipe the pierce and the worn jewelry. Use a piece of saline wipe to sterilize the pierce on your nose and the worn jewelry. Slowly and carefully remove that nose ring. Put it on a piece of saline wipe and leave it there for a while.
  • Wipe the nose stud with saline wipe. Wipe it well by removing the parts first, if it has. Wipe the pierce again with a new sheet of saline wipe. Carefully put the nose stud into the pierce. Be very gentle and never push it in or else, you’ll feel pain. The pierce might get infected, too. Adjust the nose stud once it’s already inserted. You might want to push it a little farther or you might want to rotate it.
  • Wipe the old nose ring. Clean it with a saline wipe and then keep it in its container. Discard the used saline wipes and latex gloves. Clean the surface and wash your hands again.
  • Rest the nose. Your nose suffered a lot while putting in the stud. If you felt pain, that could mean that the pierce have gotten bigger. Apply the prescribed disinfectant for the pierce regularly to avoid possible infection.

If you have no pierce in the nose yet, it’s best to contact a professional piercer to do it for you rather than try to do it yourself. The nose is thicker than the ears. One wrong move and you run the risk of developing nose infection just for the sake of wearing nose jewelry.


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