How To Put on a Horse Harness

Horses are not only used for riding purposes, they are also used to pull loads. In order to do that, a horse must be put on harness. A horse’s harness will enable you to control and guide your horse properly. Aside from that, harness ensures that your horse can steadily and comfortably pull the load. If a harness is not put on correctly, your horses may suffer and get injured. Harnessing your horse properly seems complicated but there is an actual process of how to put on horse’s harness correctly. Here is how you can put on harness to your horse.

  • Prepare your horse. Brush the coat of your horse using a dry brush so that she would be free from debris or dirt. Tie your horse in an open area for moving around.
  • Put the collar. In putting your horse in a harness, always put the collar first. Turn the collar upside down and slide the wider end over your horse’s ears. Turn the collar towards the right side up towards the direction of her mane. Pull the collar down to reach the breast level. Make sure to straighten the mane. The collar pad should be in place to protect your horse’s neck and shoulders. Remove and pull out the hook of the lead rope beneath the collar, and then hook it to the halter.
  • Put the hames above the collar. The flaps should be positioned across the collar pointing towards her rear. Tighten the hamestrap at the chest area. This strap will be holding the carriage to the horse so make sure the hames are secured properly.
  • Put the saddle on the horse. This should breech the horse’s back and sit farther than the standard saddles used when riding a horse. Tighten the saddle’s girth so that it is snug. This should be a little loose compared to that of a riding girth. Fasten the band at the belly.
  • Put the bridle and buckle the reins. Expect the bridle reins to be longer than a normal riding bridle’s. Take each rein then thread these through the guides found on each side of the saddle and then up through the guide on the collar. Hang the remaining reins. Slide the bridle over your horse’s ears, and place the bit on her mouth. Fasten the throat latch.
  • Attach the reins to the bridle. Make sure to do this on each side. Once you got this covered, your horse is now ready to pull a wagon, cart, sleigh, trailer or any load that you wish.
  • Double-check. Check if all the buckles and straps are properly buckled and fastened. This would ensure safety not only of your horse, but you as well. Also check if there are tears on straps and buckles.

There is no need to worry about putting your horse in a harness if you know how to do it correctly. Remember to take your time when doing the instructions above because a misstep may cause you major problems. Always recheck. If your horse is rejecting the harness, wait until she has calmed down to avoid injuries.


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