How To Put on Fake Eyebrows

You want to have perfectly shaped eyebrows to accent your best facial feature, your eyes. The sad thing about it is that you just don’t have the eyebrow shape or desired thickness to create the perfect eyebrow shape. You think of options like tweezing, threading, filling, and shaving your eyebrows to dismal results. You think that you’re running out of options but you’re not. There is another option out there and it’s called fake eyebrows. Fake eyebrows are pieces of hair that adhere to the real hair on your eyebrows. Use this option to finally get the eyebrow shape you’ve always longed for.

  • Select the best fake eyebrows for your physical makeup. Choose fake eyebrows according to the natural color and shape of your eyebrows. In addition, pick out fake eyebrows that offer easy-to-follow attachment instructions. The kit of fake eyebrows will contain the adhesive and applicator brush as well.
  • Purchase the following eyebrow enhancing materials.
    • Eyebrow pencil that matches your eyebrow color and skin tone. This is for the purpose of lining your natural eyebrow line.
    • Stencil kit that contains stencil paper, waterproof eyebrow liner and powder. The waterproof eyebrow pencil serves the purpose of filling the gaps in your eyebrows once the fake ones are in.
    • Eyebrow-trimming scissors.
    • Tweezers.
  • Remove the fake eyebrows from the case. Take an entire and untrimmed row of fake eyebrows and place them over your natural eyebrows. Assess how much you need to trim off to perfectly fit your eyebrows.
  • Get the eyebrow pencil and create a line on your natural eyebrows. While lining your natural eyebrows pay attention to the spot where you need to place the fake eyebrows. Mark that spot using the same eyebrow pencil. After making out the shape that you want, use the stencil paper to draw the shape you want to achieve.
  • Trim the fake eyebrows. Use the trimming scissors to remove excess hair on the row of fake eyebrows. Place the trimmed fake eyebrows over the stencil paper to check that they’re shaped the way you want them.
  • Follow the instruction on properly mixing the adhesive to apply the fake eyebrows. Use the applicator brush to spread a thin layer of the adhesive on the area of the fake eyebrows that will be adhered to the natural hair on your eyebrows. Wait until the adhesive takes on a gooey consistency.
  • Use the tweezers to apply the fake eyebrows over your real eyebrows. Gently pat down the fake eyebrows on your real eyebrows and press them down with the flat end of the tweezers. Finish up by using your pinkie finger to adjust the position of the fake eyebrows. Wait until the fake eyebrows completely adhere to your real eyebrows before filling the gaps using the eyebrow pencil.
  • Fill the remaining gaps in your eyebrows using the waterproof eyebrow pencil. Use very short strokes to avoid overfilling the gaps and making them appear darker than the hair on your eyebrows.
  • Complete the look with a light dusting of eyebrow powder to accentuate your shapely eyebrows. You are now finished creating the eyebrow shape that you’ve always wanted to have.

These fake eyebrows will stay glued to your eyebrows for a month without the need for continuous reapplication. As an added precaution, do not rub or scratch them out of habit.


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