How To Put on Professional Makeup

Makeup need not be done professionally to achieve the same results. You can do it yourself with the proper techniques and materials. Sometimes, you just don’t have the time and money to have it done professionally. Here is how you can put on makeup that looks like it’s done professionally.

  • Moisturize. Use an oil-free moisturizer and blend it all over your face. Moisturizing with an oil-free moisturizer will not break your makeup and this will also soften and remove any dry areas. Use a facial tissue to remove any excess moisturizer by pressing it on the center of the face after five minutes.
  • Apply foundation. Make sure your foundation matches your skin tone and that it has texture that will complement your skin. There are several types of foundation in the market that fits many skin types. If your skin is on the drier side, you may use liquid foundation. If you are on the oily side, use the powder type or cream-based ones. Use the correct type of coverage from light, medium or intensive coverage depending on your skin. Blend the lines or edges with the foundation using a makeup wedge to have natural looking skin.
  • Apply a concealer. Dot a lighter shade of concealer compared to your foundation under your eyes and by the bridge of the nose on the inner portion of your eyes. Gently pat any demarcation lines away. Using a concealer especially under the eyes will give you a fresh looking face that is more awake. Press some powder over the concealer and the rest of your face so that the foundation will be set.
  • Line your brows. Use eyebrow pencil to bring out the shape of your eyebrows. The shade should be slightly lighter than your eyebrows if they are very dark and slightly darker if they are light. Eyebrows are very important since they frame your face and set the aura of your face. If your eyebrows are a little thick, you may want to have it groomed or you may do it yourself.
  • Prime your eyes. Use an eye makeup primer to smooth your eyes. Apply it from your lash line to the bone at your brow. You may apply an eye shadow base after the primer has been absorbed.
  • Apply eye shadow. Professionals usually use soft or neutral colors with eye shadows such as brown, grey, peach and others. Unless you want a smoky effect on your eyes, do not apply too much eye shadow as this may take the attention away from your features. Blend the eye shadow well so that no evident lines can be seen in your eyes. You may use a flesh tone shade under the arches of your eyebrows to highlight the eyes.
  • Use eyeliner. Eyeliners are a great way to bring out the shape of your eyes. Use liquid eyeliner for a more professional looking makeup. Apply it on the top lash lines. Black eyeliners look adds more definition to your eyes than other colors.
  • Apply mascara. Be sure to curl your lashes and apply mascara on your top lashes. Remove any clumps with the mascara brush as you apply it. If smudging is your issue with eye makeup, use waterproof mascaras.
  • Apply blush and lipstick. Use colors that suit your skin tone and make your face vibrant. Apply blush on the apples of the cheeks if you are not used to applying it to have contours. Use lipstick color that suits the image that you want to portray. Red ones are sexier and pink/peach ones are more subtle.

Professionals usually give emphasis on the eyes or the lips. Do not have strong eye makeup and bold colored lipstick at the same time. Do not be afraid to experiment, but beware of applying too much make up.


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