How To Put on Skin-Tight Jeans

There is no doubt that jeans have become a garment that, not only has never gone out of style, but also people will definitely wear at least once a week. As they become an essential in our wardrobe, it is just as important to find the right kind of jeans as well as know how to wear one the easy way since denim is one the roughest materials there is. It is one of those pieces that you can rely on may it be for fashion or for comfort -sometimes both, but not all the time as it is with skin-tight jeans. This particular cut is one of the most popular since it gets to show the natural curves of the legs even with a very casual outfit. But, with this trendy insight is the fact that skin-tight jeans are also the hardest to put on. With a few guidelines, putting on skin-tight jeans will be seamless and you'll be ready to go in seconds.

  • Assess the size. You have to find the jeans that would fit you. When doing so, comfort should not be your basis since skin-tight jeans are not the kinds of clothing you would really wear for comfort. What you should take note is that the hardest part in wearing skin-tight jeans is actually closing it, zipping and buttoning. Find a size that would not require you to hold your breath for so long or tuck your stomach in too much.
  • Wear it early. The part of the day when you probably are at your slimmest is in the morning since you haven't eaten. For best results and for hygienic purposes, wear them after a cold shower. It will compress your body a little so you will actually be slimmer.
  • Pull it up. Pull your jeans up one side at a time. Inserting a belt or holding on to the straps will give you the grip that you need. You may try bending your legs slightly one at a time (like stationary walking). This helps you squeeze yourself into the jeans.
  • Zip it. Close the zipper first. The button is the hardest part to close but once the jeans are zipped, it will be easier. If the two halves of the zipper are just too far away, you can try using something that you can insert unto the zipper handle, like hooks or hangers. As long as it is big enough to hold, you will have more grip and you will be able to pull up more easily.
  • Close the Button. Before you finally close that button, take a deep breath and hold it. Make sure that your stomach has found its place into the tight garment. If you feel like you are already at your most comfortable, close that button.

Finally, no jeans will look and feel and look good without the proper top to go with it. It is easy to find a top for skin-tight jeans so just be more adventurous and daring - may it be a tank top, a lacy blouse, or an oversized shirt. Remember, your outfit can make or break your day.


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