How To Put Sliding Screen Door in Track

Having a malfunctioning sliding door can give you hassles at home or at work. Three common problems experienced with sliding screen are the following:  bad rollers, too short door, and stretched or damaged screen. Keep in mind though that you don’t have to spend a lot to buy a new door. You can actually repair it with little effort and money only.

Here are some ways on how to put back in track your sliding door, depending on the problem of the door. A roller may not function well because in general they are made of light plastic which are breakable. If due to bad rollers, follow these steps:

  • Remove screen and rollers. Remove the sliding screen. Dismantle also the rollers using a screwdriver.
  • Buy new rollers. Bring the rollers to the hardware or store specializing in rollers to make sure that you will buy the right type of rollers.
  • Install. Put in the new rollers to have your screen door functioning again.

Next, if due to very short door, here are the ways to fix it:

  • Loosen screws. Locate and loosen the screws, which are usually attached to your door’s bottom and top rails within the slots. Avoid taking out the two screws completely.
  • Slide. To further lengthen the door, slowly slide the holes or slots in the screw.
  • Re-tighten. Check if you are already satisfied with your door’s height. Once you are satisfied with it, then you proceed with the re-tightening of the screws. You can actually increase your door’s height up to 1 ½ inches.

Meanwhile, if your screen is stretched or damaged, you can also easily fix it by following these simple and easy steps:

  • To reuse stretched screen:
    • Remove spline. Using your screwdriver that is flat headed, remove your screen’s spline. The spline is the black rubber that holds the door’s screen cloth within the frame.
    • Lay down screen. Put the screen material back on the frame.
    • Return spline. Return spline on the screen’s top portion.
    • Re-install spline. Using a spline roller, install the spline again. Spline rollers are commonly found in hardware stores, and these are not that expensive. Refrain from using a screwdriver during this step because it might tear apart the screen so easily.
  • To repair damaged screen:
    • Buy materials. Go to the hardware store and then purchase sufficient materials in order to cover your door’s entire opening. These screenings are commonly in rolls.
    • Remove old materials. Dismantle the old screen and spline of your door.
    • Lay down screen. Put the new screen that you bought on the frame.
    • Return spline. Return spline on the screen’s top portion.
    • Cut excess screen. Using a utility knife or razor blade, slowly cut excess screen.

Fixing your broken sliding screen door is very easy. You just have to check first what the main problem is, and then follow the steps intended for each case. Study first the type of repair that should be done before purchasing a lot of materials. Sometimes, you can really do it all by yourself. This will allow you to save time and money. You will be able to efficiently maintain your sliding door and even prevent the malfunctioning from occurring.


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