How To Put Thread on a Sewing Bobbin

Every homemaker has the task of sewing something at one point or another. Whether it’s a torn pair of jeans, a pillowcase that has been ripped or even a bag that has been slit, having to sew them is a part of life. Now, like most modern people, you use a sewing machine instead of an old, regular thread-and-needle handiwork. However, thread does not magically appear out of thin air and placed inside the machine. You have to add thread and if you do not know what you are doing, it can get messy. This is why in this article you will be taught how to simply put thread on a sewing bobbin. If you are interested in learning how, read on.

  • What you will need. Of course, you will need a sewing machine for this task, which comes with the sewing bobbin. You will also need a spool of thread and the material you will need to sew. Remember to match the color of the thread as close as possible to the material that you need to sew. As a reminder, make sure that you have some experience in using a sewing machine. If not, read the manual first and make sure you practice very slowly. Even if it is a simple machine, there may be a risk of injury if you mishandle it.
  • How to do it. Begin by taking the spool of thread and placing it on the spool pin behind the sewing machine. Follow this by taking the bobbin and placing it on the winder (bobbin) above the sewing machine as well. Then, take the thread and pull it through the threading loop also in the back of the sewing machine. This is similar to the task of shooting the thread through a needle. Your next step would now have to be wrapping the thread around the bobbin multiple times to make room for an allowance. Take the excess thread and pull it through the hole above the bobbin. If you have done this correctly, proceed with the next step. Now, you will have to reposition the arm beside the bobbin so that it is resting beside the latter. Take the thread as you gradually step on the foot pedal so that the bobbin winder can start spinning. When the thread begins to wrap around the bobbin, you can now release your hands.

In conclusion, putting thread on a sewing bobbin is a moderately easy task to do. Make sure that you follow the instructions carefully and if not stressed enough, read the manual over and over until you are sure. If you are having a difficult time, do not be frustrated. Take one step at a time in changing the thread. You can also ask a friend that has experience to assist you in learning how to do it. On the other hand, if you think you have a knack in figuring things out for yourself, then you won’t have a hard time in doing it yourself. Good luck!


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