How To Put Up a Trampoline Net

Jumping on trampolines provide great fun and could be a form of exercise. Everyone could benefit from it aside from the enjoyment on the bouncing experience. However, in order to really maximize the fun, proper set up must be considered to ensure safety for all users. Below are the steps to set up a trampoline set. At least two people are needed to set up the trampoline net together.

  • Prepare all the things you need for the set up. Remove all the pieces needed from the container. Separate the pieces of the same type.
  • Build the pole assemblies on the ground. Connect the poles to the outer side of the trampoline’s leg using the hardware attached with the safety enclosure. Remember to align the end cap of the ball’s notch with the trampoline rail. The U-bolt at the bottom should be fastened approximately two inches above the pole’s bottom, while the top U-bolt should be fastened on the leg socket below the weld. Make sure to tighten the nuts. Do the same procedure for the rest of all the other poles around your trampoline.
  • Identify which end is the net’s bottom and which end is the net’s top. After determining which end is the bottom or top, place the end of the top net strap around the ball end cap of the first pole. In a clockwise direction, stretch the safety net around the outsides of the poles. The top strap and one mesh of netting should be rested in the groove of the ball end cap on top of every pole, then place the strap and one piece of the net into the groove of the ball end cap.
  • Secure the T-anchors of the net to the V-rings of the frame rail. Connect the T-anchor to the bottom strap of the inner net panel. Lift the frame pad between the first and second poles and insert the pad skirt underneath the pad. Pull the bottom strap closer to the second pole. Wrap the bottom strap securely towards the second pole. Connect the net strap to the V-ring on the mat.
  • Wrap the pole strap around the pole and leg below the rail all the way to the end of the net. Make sure to wrap the strap to the next pole with a tight knot. Pull the bottom of the net toward the middle of the trampoline on the top of the frame pad. Tie the strap at the closest V-ring. Hook the springs into a slot in each metal tube. Then stretch the bouncer and hook it to each spring.

After setting up the trampoline net, check if it is securely done to avoid accidents and injuries while enjoying the trampoline. Make sure the net is properly attached to the frame of the trampoline. After checking the necessary attachments, you can now enjoy jumping on the trampoline net. Have fun with your family and friends while jumping on your newly installed trampoline net.


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