How To Put Up a Welded-Wire Fence

Sense of security does not have to come in a hefty price. By having the right materials you can put up a border that can protect your family, livestock, garden and even pets. Read on to know ways on how you can put up your very own welded wire fence perimeter that can give you ease of mind.

  • Prepare your materials. All you need to get you started are measuring tape, T posts, metal fence ties and post hammer. You can get these at any hardware store.
  • Measure your area. In order for your construction to be hassle free you have got to get the all the angles correctly. To do this choose your beginning point and start measuring from that spot. Place a marker so you won’t get confused. You can use a stone, wood or anything you can find within your reach. Continue measuring until you have covered all corners. To make sure that every side is even measure it diagonally. The dimensions should be the same, if not then adjust your markers. To gauge how much wire you will need for the entire area, measure all sides of your fence.
  • Mount your T post. One pointer to consider before setting up your T post is knowing how tall you want your fence to be. The posts always need to have a 2 inch allowance. So if you’re planning to have a 3 feet tall fence then your post should measure 5 feet. As for the distance of each post, it is ideal to set 8 to 10 feet allowance. Thus, the number of posts you need will be highly dependent on how large your area is. The posts should also be driven 2 feet onto the ground. Use your post hammer to firmly plant your T post. You can also use a steel post driver. To check if your posts are in the same height, tie a string on your first post onto the next. If the line is straight then you got everything right, if not then you might need to drive some of your post harder to the ground or you might need to pull some of it up.
  • Attach your wire fence. The best thing about welded wire is the fact that they are compact and stiff therefore no stretching is required. Aside from that welded wire are constructed from materials that do not easily rust. It is also resistant to wind breakage since air can pass through it easily. To get you started just lean your roll of wire against the bar. Using your metal ties secure your wire against the post starting at the top, then the middle, all the way to the bottom part. Bind both ends of the metal ties firmly. You can use any knotting technique you prefer. Once your wire is attached to your first post, slowly and carefully unroll your wire until you get to your next post. Tie it again to your second post and keep doing this until you have covered the entire lot. If you have excess wire just use wire clippers to trim the spare.

Now that you’re all set it is entirely up to you if you would like to make it more beautiful by adding some color. But more than anything, the assurance that your place is protected is more than enough to keep you smiling from ear to ear.


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