How To Put Up a Window Scarf

The setting you create on your house greatly exhibits and reflects how you feel. Unfortunately, it can be quite expensive to rearrange and change your house design from time to time to suit your sentiments and feelings. Luckily, there is a way you can transform the ambiance of your abode to fit your fancy. By just learning the works on how to put up a window scarf you can immediately alter and achieve the look of your taste.

  • Prepare your materials. To get you started all you need are fabric of your choice and curtain holder. The kind of curtain holder you will be getting is highly dependent on the style and look you’re getting at. You can choose from drapery or curtain rod holder, scarf holder and sconces. There are different styles and designs you can choose from the market. There are also a variety of colors you can pick from as well. Be reminded though that it is highly advisable to use scarf holders and sconces for narrow windows while it would be best to go for rod holders for wide windows. Use of scissors, measuring tape, thread and sewing machine is optional. You can however have these things handy in case you would want to do some stitching and embroidery on the fabric. If a stepladder is available you can also use that to avoid reaching problems.
  • Measure your window. To avoid having a shortage of fabric or having too much of it, measure your window’s length and width. You can add a few more inches on the measurement of your window’s length if you are going for a draping effect. It is also wise to add an allowance on your window’s width especially if you would want to make loopy designs.
  • Attach your holders. Depending on your curtain holder, you may have to use a window casing or directly attach it against the wall. If it is the latter, use hollow wall anchors.
  • Position your scarf. Before mounting your scarf on your curtain holder, it is advisable to spread it on the floor lengthwise and pattern your design. If you are going for accordion pleats, the scarf should be folded and must have 3 to 6 inches of depth. If you want loops, mark the fabric where you would like the loop to begin and end. You can also try layering of fabric for a striking effect or you can coil two separate piece of fabric resembling a curl for a playful touch. It would also be helpful to put marks on the center and the corners of the scarf. This would be useful in making sure that your scarf would be in place once you put it up. In setting your window scarf, the technique is to align the center of your fabric to the center of your window, from that point you can start arranging the left side going to the right.

There are more ways than one on how you can further prettify your window scarf. You can add lace, ribbons and even flower clip-ons. The options are endless. Just go and be creative!


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