How To Put Up an Above-Ground Swimming Pool Wall

After a busy day, one activity you can indulge in to de-stress is swimming. Unfortunately this cannot be done unless there’s a body of water available you can dive into. And since most of us don’t have the luxury to travel to far places to explore a good vibe relaxing beach, most of us sort to the comfort a bath tub can bring. Luckily, there is a way to set up an above ground swimming pool minus the expensive cost. Below we show you the steps in creating your very own agua dream getaway.

  • Clear the area. The most important thing to get out of the way before erecting your pool is making sure that the entire area is cleared. You have to take out all plants in the way and level the ground by scooping the sod. If one part of your lawn is slightly higher than another section it would be best to dig that down until it levels with the other part. Attempting to fill out lower parts of your turf could pose more danger since it might not be able to hold the weight of the pool once water is added in. Aside from that having an uneven ground can make your pool look asymmetrical. Also, bear in mind that the clearing area should be equal to your pool’s size with an added allowance of six inches.
  • Set up your pool wall. Once area is cleared, it is very vital to establish and define the shape of your pool. You need to round and level your swimming pool’s wall. Take time to double check or even triple check it. Doing this helps in making sure that the pool liner will tally seamlessly. This will also aid pool posts keeping them from leaning in or leaning out thus producing an odd looking appearance.
  • Put in the liner. This next step would require lots of tolerance and attentiveness. When it comes to lining your pool, it is quite inevitable for some wrinkling to take place. Don’t fret though because this does not occur in big amounts. To keep this from happening, once the liners are being overlapped against one another, take out the extra objects the moment water is being put in. Aside from that, use of beaded liners can aid you in flattening the material to the sides.
  • Build the pool’s framework. This is where the producer’s manual will come in handy. Make sure to follow the directions in the manufacturer’s guide. Take into consideration the track connection’s spacing and if pieces included are in the right shape and measurement.

So there you have it, you can now splash your worries away and take pleasure in your newly built pool. Not only will you have a comforting getaway place in your own home, you can also invite family and friends for a refreshing pool party. This is one great way to bond and chill at the same time. But before you go and jump your way in, do not forget to put up safety and warning signs supplied by the producer or manufacturer of the pool’s framework. As for the instruction booklet, store it in a safe place, as you may need it as reference in the future.


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